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Thread: another newbie.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamphun View Post
    Thatís the section where almost anything goes and occasionally has to be ceased and desisted. At the moment itís an empty hall populated only by a lunatic named Boon Mee.
    I know this thread is a few months old and I don't have a grip on what Boon Mee posts, except for that thead with all the jokes and joke pictures .

    From that thread, it appears to me that Boon Mee has a pretty good sense of humour. At least one that makes me laugh and I did, several times, from start to finish of that thread.

    I promise to steal some of those jokes and post the somewhere else.


    Uh, that last line was my evil twin. I did not write anything about stealing. I, have not, am not, and never will steal anything.

    Really, I won't.

    I promise.

    Not here at least.

    Maybe from some other forum,.
    I used to chase radios. Now I don't.

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