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Thread: Fluke in da house .................

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    Fluke in da house .................

    Well, hello everybody .
    First things first :
    Is this place friendly or hostile ?
    Is it an open free place or is it gang related ?
    You know what I'm talking about .
    Is there a tight knit repo gang , led by agent provocateurs , backed up by mods and a few followers or is it an individual place ?
    Like a little army : The guys with the power : The fighting army : And the rank and file , the reserves , who support the fighters .
    Is this place like a pariah state like North Korea , a small closed house , a fortified little house where individuals are not welcome ?
    The gang teaming up to banish non gang members and then accusing individuals of being in a gang and trying to give that supposedly gang and abusive name to give their suggestion credibility ?
    Snipers always on duty , ready to shoot anyone who tries to enter ?
    Snipers patrolling the newbies section and patrolling the forums , ready to shoot ?
    Guards in the watch tower , protecting the teak door entrance ?
    Is this a gang free place or are you all individuals ?

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    I don't know about other people, but I am an individual with an individual mind.
    This place isn't as gang related as TD and less bs and trolling here.

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    • "****ing loser"

      A PM from BSnub

      Sad really , people behaving like that .
      Attention seeking social misfits , whose social skills have the limitation of just yelling abuse .

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    Another abusive red, from Boon mee this time .

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    Welcome Fluke,

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    Wlecome Fluke.

    Perhaps you can continue your stories in peace here.

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    Pretty sure this place is dead. Thanks for the post. I've been trying to get to fifty posts but nothing interested has been said here for a while....

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    You can alwaays join the new forum......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yasoooooooo View Post
    You can alwaays join the new forum......

    Why? what's the new forum have that this one doesn't?

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