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Thread: Allergies and Eye irritations.

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    Allergies and Eye irritations.

    Does anyone suffer with allergies or eye irritations?

    Last year I had an irritation in the eyes which felt like grit in both eyes. It turned out I had a small pimple of sorts under the eyelid that was causing the irritation. A similar feeling reoccurred 3 weeks ago. Assuming it was the same issue I ventured to the doctors for the same quick fix as before, however, this time it turns out the irritation is caused by the slight swelling of upper and lower eyelid edges which is more irritable in the morning.

    After he described it as an allergy he prescribe some soap, two eye drops, one of which is artificial tears and said it would sooth the issue but it is the complete opposite of. Since applying the stuff, the same irritation is there, but with soreness and a constant glazing over the eyes and the feeling air blowing in my eyes which is causing me to squint constantly and giving me headache! I've never suffered for allergies before and the problem does coincide with a neighbours scruffy and neglected husky dog which I've shooed out of the garden numerous times.

    Does anyone suffer/suffered from similar and have you found anything to ease the irritation?

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    I have been experiencing eye problems just recently too.

    For a long while my right eye would get a bit watery and I'd wipe the tear away but the last few days I started to get an itchiness in both eyes. This got more and more painful each day and I at first thought that it had something to do with the pH or Cl levels in my swimming pool. But then I remembered that a friend had an allergy to the rice fields at the back of his place and when I told him about some anti-histamines that I had he tried them and reported a dramatic improvement in his pain relief. I recently moved to a new house and I have a large rice field behind my place now too.

    So I tried the same anti-histamines and I'm happy to say that my itchiness subsided overnight, a couple of days of taking the anti-histamines and the eye pain has gone away. I ended up taking two tablets about an hour or two apart.

    Btw. the anti-histamines have a drowsy affect, so it is best to take them in the evening. It helps to give you a good night sleep.
    They are little yellow pills and the active ingredient is chlorpheniramene maleate 4mg. The one that I have is called Chlorphen-Y tablets. It costs about 25 baht for 100 tablets.

    I hope that this helps.

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