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Thread: What the Eff!

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    What the Eff!

    What the frick has gone wrong with people these days. I am all for a laugh when it comes to entertaining my daughter from tennis, ps4 and playing ponies with her but jesus on a unicorn!

    Took my daughter to a Pony ice-cream place and my daughter is the only kid her. All are adults dressed up in pony costumes. Same a Disney Land.

    And **** these upside down photos!

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    Looks like you've traumatized your kid forever....she'll never recover now

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    "Why is America experiencing an epidemic of mental illness?"'s out of control among some sectors.

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    I had to turn my monitor upside down after that last post. Is this place in America? Also, I see another kid at another table in this photo....

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    Great concept!

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    What's wrong with adults dressing up? Or down? If you've lost your sense of being a kidult you will grow old pretty quick.

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    “It seems to be pulling to the right for some reason”

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    “Lord, lead us not into temptation”

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    That was almost too painful to watch...

    A thief stole a huge, unwieldy flat-screen TV from a Maryland porch last month, but his getaway wasn’t exactly smooth, video shows.

    After hopping out of a car on Nov. 29, the thief scampers up to the front steps of a home in Fort Washington, then grabs the hulking cardboard box and begins running back to the car.

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