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Thread: Tonklar facai vegan restaurant

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    Tonklar facai vegan restaurant

    Got dragged to a vegan restaurant toady out at Bangbon, mrs had a 500 baht voucher. Took ages to find first time and tucked away off the road. All very modern with very uninterested staff, but the food was word class, amazing for the price and very good ingredients, not the usual cheap stuff. I can say being vegetarian since 1972 it was the best Thai red curry I ever had. We had 4 dishes and it came to 639 baht, just wished we lived nearer, outstanding. Dont seem to have a website just line, FB and instagram


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    An address would be good crazy. I am not too far away from Bang bon when I am in Thailand. Not a vego since 1983 but still enjoy good vego food.

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    Pics of the red curry? 🤷*♂️😋

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    Where is Bang bon?

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    I've heard of no hands restaurants but a facial one definitely takes it to the next level and some.

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