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    Wow spuds in Tops. When we first moved to the Petchabun boonies I used to get them at the local market but last year they built a new Big C just 3 kilomoters down the road so I can get them there too.

    I remember when I first came to Thailand in 1979 finding potatoes outside Bangkok was nigh on impossible plus they were very expensive.

    I sometimes make a mash mixing potatoes with pumpkin. Comes out yellow but nice taste.
    Well, they might have them there but I really haven't looked. Their salmon is great and the beef and pork is pretty good too. Typical man shopping - I have a list and do the aisles to get what's on it and haul ass. I hate shopping. Leave it to the missus to do the more 'invasive' shopping trip sans moi!

    We have a Lotus Extra in the area that carries a LOT of goods. Reminds me of a Super Wal Mart back in the States. But with the Makro's, Thai Watsadu's and Home Pro's that abound here, there's very little to be missed not living in the Land of the Big Cheeseburger.

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    Easy to get spuds here, but none of them are Russets.

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