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Thread: The tabloid gutter news thread.

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    Back to the smut :

    Police comb woodland near skate park in hunt for 'Asian man with big beard' wanted over sex attack on woman

    • Police officers cordoned off car park in Hessle, Hull while searching for evidence
    • The search came after reports of a woman being sexually assaulted on Monday
    • According to police, the woman was attacked by an 'Asian man with a big beard'

    Police officers combed through rubbish and woodland for evidence after cordoning off a car park following reports of a woman being sexually assaulted by an 'Asian man with a big beard'.
    The scene is next to a skate park on Livingstone Road in Hessle, Hull and the cordon was put in place just after 6pm on Friday.
    Police have confirmed that the forensic search is part of an ongoing investigation into the attack of a woman in a car on Monday.

    A spokeswoman from Humberside Police said on Friday: 'An area off Livingstone Road has been cordoned off this evening as part of an ongoing investigation.
    'A woman was reportedly assaulted in a car on Livingstone Road in the early hours of Monday morning and enquiries are continuing in the area this evening.'

    A police appeal released on Thursday said: 'He's been described as Asian with a large beard.
    'It is believed that he was driving a silver coloured estate car with either roof bars or a roof trim.'
    Anyone with information about the car or the man should call police on 101 quoting log 32 of January 14.

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    Big Bearded Asian man eh ?

    Like this I guess :

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    Charges dropped against man accused of sexually assaulting beaver

    KENNEWICK, Wash. - All charges have been dropped against a man accused of committing a sex act with a dying beaver in Columbia Park last September.

    Richard Delp, 35, was arrested on charges of felony animal cruelty and possession of methamphetamine after a woman said she saw him lying down with the animal with his pants undone.

    The woman said the beaver had been run over by a car but was still breathing, so she left to grab supplies to help the animal. When she returned, she found Delp with the animal and called 911. The beaver did not survive.

    After his arrest, Delp admitted to committing a sex act with the animal.

    In court, Delp’s lawyer requested a mental health evaluation for his client, which was conducted by Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake.

    On Thursday, Benton County Prosecutor Craig Swenson confirmed, based on the results of the evaluation, that Delp is incompetent to stand trial and is not likely to be restored to competency through treatment.

    “Because of these facts the State is dismissing our charges without prejudice against Mr. Delp and authorizing Eastern State Hospital to evaluate him for civil commitment,” Swenson said.

    He will remain there until Eastern State Hospital determines that he does not suffer from a mental disorder and there is not a substantial likelihood he will commit a similar crime."

    A prime North American Beaver pelt!

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    SNL Writer Offers Blowj*bs in Exchange for Someone Punching a Covington Catholic Student in the Face

    Society has become completely unhinged...

    "A contributing writer for Saturday Night Live has offered her followers a blowjob if they physically assault one of the kids from Covington Catholic High School.
    Despite the media narrative being widely debunked — and the proof that the kids were well-behaved while adults hurled racial slurs and insults at them — “comedian” Sarah Beattie prefers soliciting violence in exchange for sex acts."

    “I will blow whoever manages to punch that maga kid in the face,” Beattie tweeted on Monday afternoon.


    Beattie is part of an alarming trend of adults calling for violence against these teenage students — without any repercussions from Twitter. Their lack of action on the hundreds of verified accounts cyberbullying and calling for real world violence against these kids is proof that there is no TOS for the left.

    On Sunday morning, Twitter informed concerned users that a Los Angeles-based DJ had not violated their TOS when he called for the school to be lit on fire with the kids inside, and for his followers to shoot them.

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    Man told to remove his Trump shirt at gym because it made other people ‘uncomfortable’

    A man says he was asked not to wear a shirt supporting President Trump at a gym that he attends in Troy, Mo.

    Staff Sgt. Jake Talbot says he has worn the shirt to CDY Fitness in Troy many times before but on Sunday, he says the owner asked him not to wear the shirt again, saying the shirt was offensive to her and others.

    “I was just puzzled there for a second. She said that it was racist and represents racism and that’s when I when I was like ‘oh, you’re done," said Talbot.

    Talbot says he finished his workout before posting his frustrations to Facebook.

    “The owner Liz came up to me and said that Trump shirt I had on was offensive and said I needed to remove it in order to work out there, and that it is linked to racism. I hate the word, its used way too loosely. It’s 2019, get the hell over it, it’s not racism,” Talbot said."

    It's getting crazier and crazier out there boys!

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    Mothers in shock as daughters come home from college with mustaches, breasts removed

    "She went from hating white males to now wanting to become one’

    For years, college officials have told students gender is a choice. They’ve pressured all students to announce their preferred pronouns on name tags and in emails as gender fluidity is normalized. They’ve celebrated students who choose to transition as brave warriors. They’ve provided the medical tools necessary for students to “transition.”

    In fact, a recent column in The Wall Street Journal reports that “health plans at 86 colleges—including those of nearly every Ivy League school—cover not only cross-sex hormones but surgery as well.”

    The piece featured the phenomenon of “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” described as overwhelmingly afflicting girls who then receive the full support of the medical community.

    Many of these cases can be traced to colleges that are just as affirming.

    “I am writing to you on behalf of parents who have lost their kids at college to the transgender craze,” one mother, Katherine Cave, recently told The College Fix."

    Just another story in the continuing sags of Sodom and Gomorrah...

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    Been a bit busy but reading the last three posts leaves me scratching my head at the crazy world we live in .

    I agree with Sgt Talbot. The word racist is being way over used by some people who like it in their arsenal as a short cut to the moral high ground .

    As for the other stories ....
    think its less crazy in Thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonglek View Post
    Been a bit busy but reading the last three posts leaves me scratching my head at the crazy world we live in .

    I agree with Sgt Talbot. The word racist is being way over used by some people who like it in their arsenal as a short cut to the moral high ground .

    As for the other stories ....
    think its less crazy in Thailand.
    Gee, ya think?

    Check out the comments! They're a Hoot!

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    Not a happy ending for the Spanish toddler who fell down a bore hole :

    Rescuers find body of two-year-old boy who fell into a 250ft deep well nearly two weeks ago as its revealed his parents are still grieving death of their firstborn who suffered heart attack two years ago.

    Rescuers have found the body of a two-year-old boy who fell into a 250ft deep well nearly two weeks ago - as it is revealed his parents are still grieving the death of their firstborn.
    The body of Julen Rosello was found at 1.25am local time today after rescuers dug out a 13ft horizontal tunnel by hand.
    Jose and Vicky Rosello, both 29, kept their hopes up during the 12-day ordeal, saying they were praying for their son after he plunged down a borehole on a private estate in Totalan, southern Spain, on January 13.
    It's yet more heartbreak for the family after their first child Oliver suffered a sudden heart attack in May 2017 and died instantly.

    The boy, who was three at the time, is believed to have suffered from congenital heart disease which affects up to eight in every 1,000 babies.
    Julen had barely turned seven months old when his older brother passed.
    His mother Vicky held Oliver for three hours after his death in the children's hospital, according to Spanish media.

    This is the small hole Julen fell down on January 13 after wandering off from his family

    The parents - who 'dreamed of one day having a big family' - visit Oliver's grave every week and talk to him for hours.
    They say they're now praying Oliver is watching over his little brother from heaven and keeping him safe.
    Fighting back tears in an emotional message to his son last week, Jose said: 'Stay calm Julen. Daddy loves you and your brother is going to help us.'

    'Oliver, don't forget your brother, Julen,' his mother wrote on social media,
    'You know we've been waiting for him for many hours. I know you protect him a lot, my little King.'
    Julen's father, who lives in the Malaga neighbourhood of El Palo, recalled the moment he realised Julen had disappeared down the borehole on a family-owned property as he prepared lunch with friends and relatives including a cousin.

    He told a Spanish TV programme: 'I was putting some more wood on for the fire and ran towards him.
    'My cousin was a bit nearer and threw herself on the ground as I reached the orifice.
    'He had already gone. I heard him cry at first but then I didn't hear him cry anymore.'
    Rescue experts resorted to using explosives to break through the 10ft wall of hard rock separating rescuers from the narrow shaft where the toddler was trapped.
    More than 100 workers spent 11 days sinking a 300ft relief shaft beside the original well after the toddler disappeared 12 days ago.

    The rescue bid has cost at least £500,000, but authorities were determined to find the boy and bring him back to the surface in a rescue mission that has gripped Spain.
    Alfonso Celis, regional government representative, said on Wednesday: 'Members of the Mines Rescue Brigade sent from Asturias (region) have just accessed the vertical well to start excavation in the search for Julen.'
    Miners working in rotating shifts will dig a four-metre passage with picks, pneumatic hammers and explosives from the bottom of the shaft towards the borehole, which is 300ft deep and jusTeams equipped with oxygen masks will work for 40 minutes each in conditions so tight they can only dig kneeling or lying down.
    The process of crossing the divide between the two shafts could take up to 24 hours, emergency services chief, Ángel García Vidal, has said.
    Meanwhile children and families have been holding candlelight vigils across Spain in support of the missing boy and of the massive rescue operation, even as hopes of finding him alive have faded with each passing day.t 10ins wide.

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    Very sad that baby...

    Now, for your reading pleasure:

    Police: Man drives stolen car to jail to bond out girlfriend who was arrested for driving stolen car
    Both suspects behind bars

    Ride sharing services can be useful for a lot of things — like providing a means of transportation so you don’t have to drive to jail in a stolen car.

    Yet that’s exactly what one man did recently when he went to bond out his girlfriend — who had been arrested for driving a different stolen vehicle — from the Gwinnett County Jail, police said.

    Duluth residents Derrick Taylor-Canty, 26, and Akhria Cooper, 24, are now both behind bars, having been charged with felony and misdemeanor theft by receiving stolen property, altering serial numbers and several other charges for having four stolen cars in their possession, police said.

    The four vehicles were discovered earlier this week after a Gwinnett County Police Department officer stopped Cooper for speeding on Ga. Highway 316, according to Cpl. Michele Pihera, spokeswoman for the Gwinnett County Police Department.

    “After making contact with the driver, the officer discovered that the license plate displayed on the back of the Jeep was stolen,” Pihera said. “The driver told the officer that she purchased the vehicle through an ad on a buy/sell/trade website. After the driver was arrested and placed in the backseat of a patrol car, the officers found that the VIN plate displayed in the windshield was fraudulent. The true VIN was found. The vehicle was reported stolen from Thrifty Rental in Tennessee when someone rented the vehicle with fraudulent information.”

    Cooper was ultimately taken to the Gwinnett County Jail, where Motor Vehicle Theft Unit investigators called Taylor-Canty to tell him that she was in jail, Pihera said.

    That’s when things went south for Taylor-Canty.

    “Derrick traveled to the jail to bond out Akhria. While in the parking lot, he called the investigator to inquire about his girlfriend,” Pihera said. “Suspecting that Derrick could also be in a stolen vehicle, the investigators confronted Derrick in the parking lot. The 2019 Infiniti that he was driving also had a fraudulent VIN. The true VIN was found, and investigators learned that the vehicle was reported stolen from Enterprise Rental in Kentucky. He was placed under arrest.”

    Not only did police find that Taylor-Canty was driving a stolen vehicle, but they also found two other sets of keys on him, which came from two other stolen vehicles — one of which was at Cooper’s house.

    The other vehicle, Pihera said, Taylor-Canty had sold to a buyer in Milton using the title of a different vehicle. The owner, however, had been in a car accident and had left the car on the side of Interstate 85. Police recovered it on Wednesday.

    In addition to the theft and altering serial numbers charges, Cooper was charged with speeding, driving without a license, altering a vehicle to conceal its identity, improper window tint and no insurance.

    Taylor-Canty was also charged with theft by deception and operating a chop shop.

    Pihera said Friday that though Cooper and Taylor-Canty have been charged, the investigation is still active.

    “There is a possibility that these two suspects may have victimized others,” she said. “If anyone purchased a vehicle from either Akhria or Derrick, please call Investigator O’Brien at 770-513-5285.”

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