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Thread: Rules and Legal Date of Cannabis Edibles in Ontario Just Announced

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    Cool Rules and Legal Date of Cannabis Edibles in Ontario Just Announced

    Rules and Legal Date of Cannabis Edibles in Ontario Just Announced
    June 15, 2019

    Cannabis edibles and extracts will be legal in Toronto right before the end of year, meaning you'll soon be able to get high off THC-infused treats.
    Health Canada confirmed yesterday that you'll be able to buy edibles by mid-December, though the selection will be limited, at first.

    Cannabis Regulations, the amended rules that will guide the production and sale of cannabis, its extracts, and topical ointments, officially comes into effect on October 17.

    After that, any cannabis retail license holders will be required to give Health Canada a two-month notice before adding weed edibles to their stock.That means that the earliest we could possibly be able to buy weed treats will be December 17, though that will be a stretch, given how late some retailers were in opening up shop in the first place.
    Health Canada has also capped the amount of THC allowed in edibles at 10 mg, and 1,000 mg concentrates used for vape pens, and the same amount in cannabis topicals.

    The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has released a statement saying that the amount of THC per package of edibles should be increased to 100 mg from 10 mg. "The OCC supports a THC limit of 10-milligrams per discrete unit of edibles, as well as the sale of multi-packs or multiple products—up to a maximum of 100-milligrams of THC per package—within child-proof packaging," said the OCC statement.

    "...single-packs are costly, while multi-packs would allow licensed producers to create economies of scale."
    As for packaging, the rules remain stringent: nothing that would be appetizing to kids, and a mandatory warning message.

    Cannabis-infused alcohol is also out of the question, which is probably why brewing companies like Molson and Moosehead have already announced they eventually plan to sell THC-infused beverages will be alcohol-free (though hopefully not in beer bottle look-alikes; that's illegal).

    But until the cap on legal licensed retailers in the city moves up from 25, you'll only be able to purchased edibles in Toronto at the handful of legal stores in the city.

    -Cannabis was legalized earlier this year and now many stores are opened that sell the bud and oil both CBD and with THC... but now in Ontario come December people will be able to purchase gummy bears, cookies , etc to get high on.. Oh Canada! lol.

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    ^ they really need to remove government from the native plants and medicines equation.

    Thailand passed a medical cannabis law back in the December, and the government muppets are still fighting for who get to control it...

    Meanwhile people are still being put in prison for growing a native plant in their yard!

    In Canada similar bullshit is taking place with government dragging their feet over 'growing permits'. WTF!

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    ^Well yes, many aren't happy that it is government controlled, and some hardcore people are still buying it under the table if you catch my drift as it is cheaper. You just have to know the right people. Most of the private stores are now closed.

    The government stores are popular though as if you saw my pics in my post a pic thread, people were lining up down the street to get into the government store in Toronto when it first opened. Many people are happy that they will start selling edibles (starting just in Toronto) because like myself it would be the only way I try it again as I don't want to inhale it. I haven't tried the oil yet either, but that is also very popular.. especially the CBD for people to use for pain management. I know a variety of people who use the CBD oil for physical pain management.
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    This is slightly off topic, but is indicative of how horribly wrong the accepted/trusted medical system which in part endorses these ponderous government regulation. Gone horribly wrong!

    Perhaps instead of currently teaching folks how to be victims, how about having the government and education system use the two currently forbidden words: "personal responsibility".

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    smoking is filthy and disgusting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattaya Plies View Post
    smoking is filthy and disgusting
    Hear, hear & amen to that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattaya Plies View Post
    smoking is filthy and disgusting
    While there's some truth to that.

    What is truly filthy and disgusting is government meddling in the individual's use, growing, and possession of any and all medicinal plants. Be it Cannabis, Coca, Opium, Kratom, mushrooms, Ayahuasca, African Iboga.

    Putting people in jail for using native medicine is beyond filthy and disgusting, it is a crime against all humanity and nature..

    lawmakers who support such crimes against nature should be removed from public office permanently, and employed cleaning public toilets and gardens.

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    ^I agree with that, the government has controlled smoking and now cannabis.. also in Canada it has taken over the identities of people from most banks as well.

    There are many good documentaries on pot and its history.

    Funny that you guys are talking about smoking when the article was about selling weed edibles. lol. Gummy bears are popular as are cookies and brownies from a few people I know who have them. I'll try one of those someday. I'm not big into smoking weed as I hate having smoke of any kind in my lungs. Someone told me that vaping pot isn't hard on the lungs at all.

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    Marijuana brownies were popular back in the day of the $10 'lid'

    Earl probably recalls the term 'lid'?

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    You're welcome for the documentary

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