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Thread: Your Weekend Pics and Videos

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    Your Weekend Pics and Videos

    This thread is for you to post pics and videos from your weekend outings and travels. Or, if you just stayed home, it could be pics and videos of your village, condo pool or Isaan farm!

    Restaurants and pubs, tourist attractions, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, food you ate, and more. If Big C, Makro and 7-11 are destinations that ring your bell, post away!

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    We are in Chicago visiting friends and family, traveling and other stuff I don't want to be doing.

    We spent this weekend at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee Illinois.





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    Cool! I always wanted to check out a six flags theme park. Looks like fun!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vendetta4real View Post
    Cool! I always wanted to check out a six flags theme park. Looks like fun!!

    It was first class and fun. The missus and littleuns loved every minute of it and rode every ride once and others several times! At my age , I don't want to be dropped from a tower at 75 miles an hour or spin around in circles with nauseating G force levels , so I passed on a lot of the rides.

    Today is our last day to go to the park and we will checkout of the hotel in the morning. Three days at the par might be a bit much for me. I am trying to decide if I should relax by the pool and bar and let them go to the park alone.

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    ^Well enjoy your last days at the park whether at the bar or puking on the rides.
    For myself, I love the rides, rollercoasters and all of that jazz.. never too old for it..haha.

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    Lovely pics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Daley View Post

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    Nice pics, Pat and JJ!

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