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    Healthy Foods

    So, I am back to eating healthy, with the odd slip on the weekends.
    I am aiming to just eat protein, veggies, handful of berries a day, and some good fat (avocados, etc). I am cutting out all carbs (simple white processed carbs), sugar and most dairy (except some feta and parmesan).

    Avocado is one of the healthy foods I eat. I eat half an avocado a day... what healthy foods do you eat?


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    Kefir - A fermented milk, similar to yogurt.

    Id recommend Kefir, it has a sour taste with a hint of alcohol and a creamy consistency, quite addictive. The health benefits are well documented. Tried making it at home but screwed up the second batch, probably due to heat so now I buy from a local dairy. The quality seems dependent on storage and age.

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    Yogurt is pretty easy to make...

    I've tried to teach my Thai folks how, but they seem to miss the simple basics of time and temperature.

    I haven't tried it, but I've read how you can start a new culture with a bit of fresh pussy juice....

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    ^^That's great stuff, Lamphun. I haven't tried Kefir, but tried Kambuccha (sp?). It is fermented foods which are always good for the gut and good bacteria which is needed.

    Almond butter

    (high in protein and good fats)

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