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Thread: Anyone still read books?

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    Just started this one.

    Be interested to get feedback from Dr. Earl on this subject!

    One reviewer had this to say

    "Reefer Madness in the Age of the New Jim Crow"

    But another reviewer had the following to say: "When Mother Jones Magazine and The New Yorker support an anti-pot book, we should pay attention. Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, knows how to research and report. The statistics tell the story we know but donít want to believe. The last time I saw the valedictorian of my HS class, he was smoking a joint and pumping gas for a living."
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    Well, finished it and the author went into critical analysis that really does make the case that psychosis can be brought about from smoking Pot.

    Depending the the THC levels etc.

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    I still read books both fiction and predominantly non fiction as in engineering books and others. the last fiction book i read was 1984 and before that a homage to Catalonia. A good non fiction book I would recommend is Brain Sex. Not as well know as women are from venus men are from mars but IMO a much better book that gets far less publicity due to its lack of PC.

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