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Thread: Best Anti-virus

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    Best Anti-virus

    I was using PC Matic, but I am done with them.

    What Anti-virus do you recommend?

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    PC Matic is supposed to be made in the USA. The guy's commercials are a little creepy. He gots him and Asian wife!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BornToTeach View Post
    Me hearties

    I was using Kapersky, but havenít paid for a new license. Itís reverted to the free version.
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    avira free antivirus 2019

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    I find the free version of Bitdefender is good. It runs in the background doesn't use a lot of resource and doesn't keep coming up with adds. I think regular back ups are more important than choosing between the top anti virus versions. The problem with most software is you don't buy them you rent them and by the time you get an anti virus, a malware finder, a "tune up" program, a sandbox for downloads etc etc you may as well buy a new computer every couple of years. I'm a cheap charlie when it comes to programs and mainly run free versions. I also like to float between windows and linux depending on what I'm doing.

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    AVS Firewall is pretty good. Avast I've used and it also is good. The ones you pay for are the best like Kapersky.

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