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Thread: Retirement

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    I'll be retiring 14 months from now. I haven't had oe wanted a full time permanent job for nearly 20 years and it's nearly time to stop completely. For those here that are required, do you miss working? If I do I'll set up my own online business.

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    Timmy, start collecting South Park episodes....

    Ya gotta know from where you come, Timmy!

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    Yeah Henry is back after fleeing several years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazy dog View Post
    Ant boy retired years ago, he does fuk all but post on TD all day. I see Panama hat has made a return.
    PH made a few posts here a week or 2 ago, until Landreth scared him off. Landy nearly had a friend there for a moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Tinkles View Post
    PH made a few posts here a week or 2 ago, until Landreth scared him off. Landy nearly had a friend there for a moment
    Landreth is a scary mofo, that's for sure...

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    You can retire from a well paid career and volunteer, or do a low paid easy job.

    Many farang in Thailand do it

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    No volunteering for me. Travel and sports will take up my time. I'd love to do something daft like a round the world cycle ride.

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    Many 3rd world countries attract retired scientists, CEOs and ex-military types who teach english for "something to do"

    Itchy feet l suppose.

    Cruises, jungle trekking, mountain biking (up mountains), and rafting are great time killing activities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    Did anyone ever admit to stalking down his identity and making that fake blog? Sad but funny. He must have pissed off the wrong person.
    I suspect Smeggums got pissed off enough when PH kept posting that toilet selfie.
    “Don’t get sick of me just yet, for I will be here for quite a while”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boon Mee View Post
    Whadaya bet there's a time clock punching factory worker up there in CM who wishes he could retire?
    Obsessed much? Third post in a thread and you are already back on him.

    You bitches should charge him rent for the amount of time he spends in your heads.

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