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Thread: RIP Perter Fonda

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    Quote Originally Posted by serrollt View Post
    At least his sister, who played an equally important part for the 60/70s Zeitgeist, is still around to remind us of the greatness of individual rebels with courage!
    Agree Jane Fonda is genuine, she sat behind me once on a Southwest Airlines flight into LA.

    She wasn't hob-nobbing on some rich cnut's private jet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Earl View Post
    Agree Jane Fonda is genuine,
    She's 'genuine' alright - a genuine back-stabbing commie kunt who formed FTA during Vietnam days.

    FTA stood for **** The Army.

    Love the time a real genuine Viet Nam Vet stood in line for one of her book autograph deals. His cheek was filled with Red Man and when it was his turn to get his book signed, out came a nice long stream of 'baccy juice into her face.

    True story boys...

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    Back on Topic:

    The First Lady has subsequently asked the Secret Service to investigate Mr. Fonda, not only because of the appalling nature of his threats, but because most movie fans have been convinced that the actor died years ago, along with his career.

    Not that he didn't have one good scene in the only memorable movie he was ever in. Specifically, this scene:

    Fok this guy and his Commie sister too...
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    Reflective shallow and low character -
    Those that require the obsession to turn everything toward a political bias.

    Dumbed down.

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