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Thread: Post a Photo or Two you have Recently taken

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    Post a Photo or Two you have Recently taken

    They have a Ribfest every summer in my city. You can choose what vendor to get your ribs or chicken. The festival travels all over Canada and people vote on the best ribs.

    Making the ribs and chicken.. great food as they put Jack Daniels in their BBQ sauce.

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    Wild Lilies

    I always run into Canadian geese on the bike path while riding. Here is a family and their babies.

    Get off the road, goosehead! And they will hiss at you as you pass by.
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    ^ Canadian terrorists

    Snapped quickly from the restaurant at the Oriental hotel. Fireworks over the Chao Phraya river on Saturday night.

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    What was the occasion, 'Turge?

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    my dog and my sister-in-laws dog hanging out.

    ..and back home in the safety of his bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panama Hat View Post
    What was the occasion, 'Turge?
    Possibly a wedding....or maybe a birthday.

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    December 5th gone already? I am getting old.

    Ah, the 'one who will be' . . .

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    Fireworks are always nice to see, Turge. Is it yer birthday?
    Those doggies are so adorable, Armstrong. I'd be interested to see your new baby too.

    Went to a voodoo lounge party last weekend. Jello shooters lined up on the bar.

    The decor was awesomely spooky!

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    Not my birthday, but someone very well known in Thailand.

    Given the location it was probably a wedding though.

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    pissing about with the baby while she's asleep. i think she looks like harry hill...


    bonding with my daughter over our joint love of thing in bottles...

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