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Thread: The Starbeam Restaurant in Surin Thailand

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    The Starbeam Restaurant in Surin Thailand

    I spent a few days in Surin Thailand and stumbled across this farang / Western style restaurant called the Starbeam at 28-30 Surin Prakdi Road, Surin, Thailand 32000 with a phone of 044 519 629.

    From their Facebook page -

    Starbeam Restaurant in Surin Thailand. The #1 Western managed and owned restaurant in Surin City. Air conditioned for your dining pleasure. Centrally located near the bus depot, train station, and all major hotels.
    A family restaurant in Surin Thailand serving breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. British, American, Thai, Mexican, Italian, pizza and sandwiches. Air conditioned for your dining pleasure. Located near all the major hotels in Surin City. The best place in town for Western and Thai food. An extensive menu of delicious Thai and Western dishes.

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    I ate several tasty meals there and here are some photos.

    English Breakfast

    Beer Battered Fish Sandwich


    Pie and Ice Cream

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    I give the Starbeam a thumbs up as well. Good food and Mikes a great guy.

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    Starbeam has closed due to a dispute with the landlord.

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    I am missing the good food at the Starbeam. All we have left, besides the Coffee Corner, is Norby's and his salty personality and salty food. My blood pressure can't take the sodium he dumps on his stuff.

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