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Thread: Farang Connection in Surin City

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    Farang Connection in Surin City

    I was invited up to Buriram to visit a friend and last time I was up we went to the Farang Connection by the bus terminal. I had the website address and went to take a look to see if it is still around and when I try it takes me to the Teak Door site. So did the new owner of TD buy the FC or what? Why would it direct to TD? Another note, I know the old proprietor Martin dies and am wondering if the FC is still operating?

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    Still open and run by Marin's exwife Sunee. The service and quality is greatly suffering but the beer is cheap so the pensioners still go there. I do not think TD owns it and probably strategically bought the name and redirected for drawing in hits and traffic.

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    willy king
    Bit fookin cheeky...

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    Bit fookin cheeky...
    What is?

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