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Thread: The things we want but cannot find...

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    ^^^ Here's another. Is this "vintage" enough? It even has a grass cutter attachment.

    2014-11-26 13.36.12.jpg

    Sorry about the finger, it was sunny and i couldn't see the display.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voɔɒlnɘɒl View Post
    ^^^ Here's another. Is this "vintage" enough? It even has a grass cutter attachment.
    Voɔɒlnɘɒl, thanks for the 'hunting' but no, not old enough... I like the rounder shapes and the overall looks of the 50s/early 60s, in cars, motorbikes, boats and tractors. (airplanes too) Guess it has something to do what I saw and admired as a child, dreamed of and never had.

    Chiang Mai is the location, btw but if the wanted item is 'far away', I'll travel.

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    I recently priced a small, used tractor like that with a grass cutting attachment and the guy wanted 300,000 for it. It was already rusting and leaking oil.

    I can't put my finger on the reason this dynamic exists.
    1. Its an import and should be taxed to death to create wealth generation for the rich.
    2. Wealthy people can circumvent pesky import taxes and buy it for near value.
    3. It's a measure to protect the employment of legions of weed wacking Somchais.
    4. Anybody with enough land to require a machine like this should either buy the goddamn thing at 10x value or stfu.

    There are many more perfectly good reasons, I'm sure.
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    Serrolit, that's a nice little smoker! Can't be too difficult to make one (and a few more) once all the interior racks and hooks are found. I'll ask the guys who make the big BBQ and chimney thingies used by street vendors.

    Another source for smokers is this: but they're gas-fired and quite pricey.

    luckyjim, how about an afternoon in the kitchen?
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    that a good link the guy, does some quality grillers and may be able to supply what I need, a gas fired griller with a couple of radiators on each side, so one can put meat on a metal rod for grilling. some one makes them because there is one not too far away, where they grill chicken.

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    luckyjim, how about an afternoon in the kitchen?[/QUOTE]

    Thanks mate. I might this go and see how does in a hurricane lamp.

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    Bounty bars, it's not as if there are no coconuts here!

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    Lego Saturn V.

    1 meter tall.

    1969 pieces.

    The Eagle lander.

    Control Module.


    Divides into the different rocket stages.

    Was sold out when I was recently back in Europe, and recently arrived in Central for 8k baht. The robbing bastards.

    Will suck it up eventually and buy it.

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