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Thread: Bitcoin

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    Timmy, when you figure out what Bitcoin is, how it works, and what it signifies, be fooking sure to let us know...

    Meanwhile here's a clip for your education...

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    Real wealth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
    Real wealth?
    Freedom, liberty, independance = Real wealth

    Bitcoin represents all these and more.

    It is a complete game changer, government/bankster permission is no longer required for honest p2p commerce, accountability, transparency

    Government and corrupt politicians do not like the ideas of honesty, accountability, transparency.

    Since 1913 they've gotten away with corruption and theft from the monetary system on a wholesale level.
    With Bitcoin this is impossible, they must adopt honesty and accountability now.

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    where will the likes of butterbean make his trading % on btc

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    10,676.90 United States Dollars

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    1 Bitcoin equals 10,169.00 United States Dollars

    1 Bitcoin equals 10,169.00 United States Dollars

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    Bitcoin BTC exchange rates today

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    1 Bitcoin equals 9,437.37 United States Dollars

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    1 Bitcoin equals 9,783.03 United States Dollars

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