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Thread: Thai Song Greet

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    I've stayed at both hotels Malaysia and Crown, the swimming pool is nicer at the Malaysia.

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    I stayed at the Thai Song Greet Hotel in 1965/1966, and again six years later in 1972. And to my great surprise when I returned in 1972 the cooks and staff there not only remembered me, they all seemed very happy to see me.

    In 1964 when I first arrived in Thailand I had flown in from Calcutta like all the other young backpackers who had made their way overland from Europe to India, because in those days you could only enter Burma by sea or air and therefore no one was allowed to hitchhike through it. However, I did not know about the Thai Song Greet when I first arrived in Thailand in 1964 so I stayed in a Buddhist Temple my first night there and then after that I spent several nights at a youth hostel before hitchhiking from Bangkok down the Thai-Malay Peninsula to Singapore-----where I stayed at the local Sikh Temple until catching a ship to Australia. The Sikh Temples in those days had free accommodations for us young travelers.

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