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Thread: Pattaya : a 'resort for families to enjoy'

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    Rather embarrassing, eh?
    Well yes- for Thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Can123 View Post
    I agree that the sea in Pattaya is filthy but the beaches to the east of Rayong are beautiful. They are usually deserted during the week. I will post some pics when I find them,
    The beaches to the east of Rayong down towards Klang (however it's spelled) are rather nice but huge caution is needed going into the water. Rip tides of biblical proportions are known along that stretch.

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    I neglected to take pictures which show how beautiful the beaches are and only took a few showing the kids enjoying them. A little boy, no more than ten, had his own business hiring out inner tubes and was clearly doing well as he had his own motorbike. The riptide warning is valid but was no problem to me as I was fully aware of it and kept an eye on them.


    รูป รูป

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    I spent some time down in Ban Phe some years ago. Was a nice quiet spot. We stayed in a pretty basic Thai guest house on the beach road and had a nice lazy few days there. It had some bars along the beach where you could get a drink and a meal. There was a fair on at the time and at the end of it there we could not get any transport back to the guest house, so the fire crew who were there with a display, gave us a lift back to the guest house on their fire engine. It was a real treat for the kids.

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    Family friendly!

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    A Farang purge might be much more beneficial and practical.

    Just saying like, for those missing the bigger picture.

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