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    Krabi Musings

    When I visit Thailand I try to visit Krabi as I love the place but only in the low season when falang numbers are right down & hotel prices are too. Ao Nang seems to be the my area of choice

    As with Phuket, Krabi offers the same tourist day trips - Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island, Floating Muslim village, ATV biking, Elephant Riding, Island hopping snorkeling, kayaking etc etc

    I have done the James Bond Island 'tourist trap' day trip a decade ago but decided to do it again last July as it was good fun and wanted to see if things had changed. Lunch time involves stopping off at the Floating Village and having lunch. I was on my own and as such I was seated along with 6 others - 3 pairs of European females aged late 20's/30's. Each pair from different countries

    I thought Shit, I bet I know how this is going to go. Sure enough none of the 3 pairs made any attempt to communicate with any other pair. Yeah they would've all known English to some extent but when its convenient suddenly you know none so you don't have to make an attempt to be nice & talk to each other. There was an English couple so I made an effort to strike up a conversation but all I really wanted to do was move to another table and be beside normal mature people, but cannot!

    The English girly pair were controlled by Bitch girl who would respond but only if prompted, the second girl was lovely was under the thumb of Bitch girl. God why am I even bothering but there was no space at any of the other tables. Is this what young guys have to put up with with chatting up girls these days? No wonder they come to SEA to get their rocks off

    The 2 English girls were teaching English as volunteers somewhere up North and were down in Krabi for a weeks holiday like myself. I asked if they have their food and accommodation supplied in return for their free labour. "No" was the answer. "We have to pay food and accomodation, we had to pay for our airfares to travel to Thailand, and we paid a fee to the company that got us the teaching job back in the UK" WTF?? Now I ain't no English teacher but I knew these girls were getting ripped off. I tried to suggest they could be earning a little money for their efforts but it fell on deaf ears, besides it was all a new experience to them so I guess as long as they were enjoying themselves then all is good

    The 3 pairs of young women never made any attempt the entire time to talk to each other so at the end of the meal, tired of Bitch girl, I just got up and walked away. Left them all to their misery
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    Krabi La Playa.jpg

    My Hotel of choice in Ao Nang, Krabi is the Krabi La Playa Resort due to its location near the beach, the town centre, and its massive pools. Iíve looked on the internet and thereís no photos Iíve found that justifies how large the pool area is

    However I now only stay in Krabi in the low season only. I made the mistake of staying here 1 Christmas and itís just too busy and the Hotel prices too high Ė a real tourist trap!

    Everywhere in Krabi has the 100Bt cocktails but they are pretty weak so itís hard to get drunk from them if you are a regular indulger of the top shelf. I found myself in an entertainment plaza in Ao Nang with about a dozen bars, a couple night clubs & a ladyboy cabaret show. I chose a bar overseeing all the comings and goings and because the bar lady let me choose the songs playing on the sound system I stayed and drank heaps of Pina-Coladas over the time I was there

    To be honest I wasnít really getting that drunk from their Pina-Coladas so their white Rum would have been a cheap watered-own version. The bar lady said after mixing my last, ďArenít you drunk!?Ē I had to laugh. However the fatal mistake wasnít the alcohol, it was the dodgy ice-water used to make the cocktails. And sure enough I had stomach cramps and the runs from the next morning on for the rest of my Thailand trip. So just a reminder to say no to cocktails from random bars in Krabi and stick to the beers out of a can or bottle

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    It'll be a cold day in hell before I take one of these taxis again. I took one in phuket in 2006 for a flat fee of 300Bt and ended up driving about 500 meters to the destination of a new Hotel

    Nobody uses these guys here in Krabi at all during the day, seems to pick up at night when the tourist hordes come back from their day at Phi Phi and surrounds


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    Loads of useful information here. Thanks!

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