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Thread: Bangkok STD STI HIV TEST check up. Thai Red Cross.

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    Bangkok STD STI HIV TEST check up. Thai Red Cross.

    Am in Silom so thought I'd go up to the Thai Red Cross for a full STD STI HIV test check up.

    The Thai Red Cross is is between Sala Daeng (Silom) and Ratchdamri BTS stations. Just opposite the corner of Lumphini park.

    Located here:

    Thai Red Cross STD STI HIV Test Check UP

    Wasn't expecting any nasty news, but been a few years since my last STI STD check, so went on up.

    The Thai Red Cross is closer to Ratchadamri BTS station than Silom, if you are travelling by BTS.

    You walk in through the gates and will see 2 big water towers.

    Between the 2 gates is the 'Anonymous Clinic', which is where you go for your STD STI HIV tests etc.

    It's all anonymous, and no need to show any ID, unless you want more detailed help.

    Walk in, get your number, and a very pleasant older American gentleman with Thai Red Cross poloshirt talks you through the registration process.

    Had a bit of a chat, he isn't paid by the Thai Red Cross, but is paid by a HIV charity thing set up by Elton John.

    Your number and 2 stickers for them to use.

    I opted for blood test, which tests for HIV and Syphilis.

    And the Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests which are done by urine.

    Thai Red Cross Testing rooms are all nice and clean.

    Had my blood drawn, and you get the HIV and Syphilis results after one hour.

    The Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test results take 15 days and will be emailed to you.

    Go and pee into this. Seal it up and leave it in a little basket.

    Pay the bill.

    I imagine that's quite cheap.

    One hour to wait, so I went down to Silom for an oil massage.

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    Thai Red Cross Bangkok STD STI HIV Test

    I was told that they print out the result and give it to you.

    I went up the desk to inform them that I missed my number, and could I have my print out please. There is printer on their desk.

    They took my number and told me to sit down.

    5 minutes later a woman came down and said please wait for the doctor in Room 29, they will consult you.

    That kind of freaked me out a bit.

    20 minutes later I was called in and given the print out.

    Both negative.

    They say that there are 2nd tests, and if the result is different they will call you within 3 days. And if you don't receive a call, there was no change in the results.



    Likely far better and professional than many hospitals around.

    Can definitely recommend the Thai Red Cross Bangkok if interested in a STD STI HIV test check up.

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    Thai Red Cross Bangkok STD STI HIV Test

    Video about the anonymous Thai Red Cross Bangkok STD STI HIV Test.

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    My girlfriend just told me she has a STD...
    I said - The doctor told me you would probably catch it.

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    Std testing at medconsult

    I think it's prob safer to just go directly to medconsult, you can trust that theyll do the tests for what you actually need and its usually less than 1000 baht

    heard of too many people being ripped off at big hospitals/ getting unnecessary testing and treatment.

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    I really need to get tested but i am too scared too find out. I just sleep with people and ask them how they're feeling after a few months.

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