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Thailand : Audience cheers Prayuth speech on reforms

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  • Thailand : Audience cheers Prayuth speech on reforms

    Audience cheers Prayuth speech on reforms
    Kornchanok Raksaseri,
    Khanittha Thepphajorn
    August 10, 2014

    After ending his speech on his weekly TV programme with "miss you" on Friday, junta chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha's speech to introduce and promote the National Reform Committee yesterday was another quite an entertaining show. Asean [community] and Asean cannot have negotiating power with the super powers," he said.

    "I am not any better than any of you. But I have the conscience [of thinking about public interest before personal interest]. I know you also have such a conscience. I respect all of you."

    He noted that the timing of national reform, which kicked off this month, coincided with HM the Queen's birthday.

    However, he said His Majesty the King had nothing to do with the coup and his name should not be associated with it and he should not be accused of supporting it.

    "His Majesty has given the ruling power to all the governments. No matter if he agrees or disagrees, he always gives us the governing power," Prayuth said.

    "I've never seen him refuse to endorse [a proposed constitution]," he said.

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    Leena barred from NRC event

    Leena Jungjanja, the owner of the Hot TV shopping channel and perennial Bangkok governor candidate, was barred from entering the National Reform Council (NRC) kickoff event on Saturday morning.

    Ms Leena complains after she was not allowed to enter the NRC kickoff event on Saturday.

    Ms Leena, whose TV channel has been banned by the junta since the May 22 coup, wanted to attend the event and propose herself as an NRC candidate.

    However, the military did not let her in and detained her in a reserved area at the Royal Thai Army Club where the event was held.

    She was allowed to enter only after Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, chief of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), finished his speech and left.

    She also brought with her a letter complaining about what she views as an unfair signal fee. A military officer accepted her complaint.

    "I want to be an NRC member and will apply to the Election Commission on Aug 14 so I can get a fixed salary. After all, my business is losing money because of the NCPO ban," she said.

    Ms Leena on Aug 2 posted a widely watched and hilarious video clip slamming Gen Prayuth for shutting down her TV channel, claiming she was being starved to death.


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      EC gives Leena 'red card'

      The Election Commission (EC) has resolved to revoke Leena Jungjunja's election rights and press a criminal charge against her for deceptive election campaigns during the March 30, 2014 senator election.

      If the Supreme Court's Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions agrees with the EC's "red card", Mrs Leena will be disqualified as member of the National Reform Council (NRC).

      She will not be able to run or vote in any election for five years.

      The EC found some of her senator campaign posters deceptive. One of them was: "Scrap oil fund. Petrol to be 20 baht [a litre]. Vote for Leena Jungjanja No. 3 for Bangkok senator."
      Another read: "Bring back PTT to Thai hands. Petrol to be 20 baht".

      The EC said such promise was not a duty of a senator or within his or her authority.
      It will send the case to the Supreme Court for further action.

      Mrs Leena was on Thursday nominated to the NRC for laws and judicial process reforms. She ran under the banner of Maha Prachachon party.

      The 2014 interim charter bans a person whose election right has been or used to be revoked to join the NRC, cabinet or National Legislative Council.


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        NCPO selects 250 NRC members: Prayut
        September 26, 2014

        The National Council for Peace and Order Friday selected 250 members of the National Reform Council, Prime Minister and NCPO chief Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha said.

        He declined to unveil the list, saying it would be sent for the Cabinet Secretariat for checking before the list will be sent for an approval by a royal command on October 2.


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          Apparently the recipe changed betwwen the mixing and baking


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            Thailand's coup government forms reform council
            Oct 6

            BANGKOK (AP) -- A committee appointed by Thailand's military has selected a 250-member advisory group to help write a new national constitution.

            The military abolished an earlier constitution after seizing power in a May 22 coup, and the government is currently operating under a temporary charter.

            The new National Reform Council was officially endorsed by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It will advise a drafting committee which will write a constitution that is supposed to take effect next July.

            The country's military rulers say the process will lead to elections next year.

            The new council is dominated by people close to the country's traditional ruling elite.

            It shuns supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who challenged the elite and dominated Thai politics for much of the past 13 years.



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              All 250 National Reform Council members appointed

              A royal decree appointing the 250 members of the National Reform Council (NRC) has been published in the Royal Gazette - its members deemed to be resourceful persons in various fields as required by the 2014 interim constitution.Bangkok Post newspaper.

              Government spokesman Yongyuth Mayalarp, who was a member of a committee to select NRC members in the field of education, said it is good that the NRC brings together 250 people who are experts in various fields to bring about national reforms.

              He said the constitution drafting committee (CDC) yet to be set up will comprise 36 members - comprising a chair of the committee as nominated by the NCPO, 20 members nominated by the NRC, and five each by the NLA, cabinet and NCPO.

              The new NRC members are required to report to the Office of the House Secretariat between Oct 8-15 between 8.30am-4pm.



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                I look forward to the honest and open asset declarations from these anti-corruption campaigners, especially Chai Chidchob- who's son, Nevin, is well known as bastion of propriety and loyalty. As is Buriram and the BJT.


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                  Reform Council Stacked With Engineers of Pre-Coup Protests
                  07 October 2014

                  Although coup-leader turned Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha insisted that the NRC would represent a balanced cross-section of society, the final list of members published yesterday evening is dominated by conservative hardliners opposed to the former government.

                  Among them were nine leaders from the anti-government protests that preceded the coup, including Naowarat Pongpaiboon, Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, and Charas Suwanmala.

                  The protest group, known as the People's Committee for Absolute Democracy With the King As Head of State (PCAD), campaigned against the former government for seven months until the military intervened and launched a coup in May.

                  Eleven of the 'Forty Senators' clique - a group of unelected Senators who opposed the former government - also made the final cut, such as Rosana Tositrakul, Kamnoon Sitthisaman, and Pramote Maiklat. The so-called Forty Senators played an active role in the PCAD's campaign to unseat then-Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and replace her with a royally-appointed PM.

                  In addition, 31 retired military officers were added to the reform council, as well as nine members of the governing bodies appointed by the previous coup-makers in 2006.

                  Three members of the former government were included in the reform body, but not a single representative of the pro-government Redshirt movement was selected.

                  The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) is similarly dominated by military and police officers, conservative politicians, and bureaucrats.

                  Chertchai Tantisirin, a Redshirt activist and former Pheu Thai Party MP, said he is dismayed by the composition of the NRC.

                  "They are all the same group who opposed the government, and now they are joined by the people who drafted the [now-defunct] 2007 Constitution," Chertchai said.

                  He expressed concern that the reforms they pursue will not be inclusive because of the group's partisan nature.

                  "I'd like to tell the NRC to be open-minded and accept criticism from the people. Don't act like puppet [of the junta]," Chertchai said."Redshirts will be closely watching you."

                  The NRC will also be tasked with forming a committee to draft a new constitution to replace the charter dissolved by the junta in May.



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                    Gee , who would of thougt that would be the case ?


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                      Hardly even need to acknowledge the shabby facade anymore- the latest coup' is just the 2006 coup' redux, but this time they are 'trying harder'. Sorry guys, but patriotic songs, clumsily produced TV propaganda from the sinothai telling the thai how to be 'patriotic', and further school propaganda just won't cut it when it is obvious to see that this is just the latest attempt to override the peoples will, and put the olde establishment back as the monopoly of political power and it's privileges. Seriously, Mao and his little red book are so passe' now- such stuff will only backfire in the 21st century. As they have surely come to realise themselves, they will just be swept away at the next election (so don't hold yer breath, becuse these usurpers are trying for the long haul). Outside of the capitol and the suthepian patronage machine, the Thai people are just plain sick and tired of these old pseudo elite cronies and their ways. Hate to have to say it, but in comparison to this lot, the filthy thaksin political machine represents a considerably more forward looking vision for the country- while doing nothing, of course, to address it's deep seated corruption issues. But as is obvious now, neither will this lot. If you really want to swing the Thai, and yes it is indeed possible, offer them something better ffs. You can't go forward in reverse gear.

                      Of course, I could be wrong- perhaps the people of Thailand will take the happy songs to heart, even as Thai GDP growth has fallen to the absolute lowest in Asean (from one of the very highest), even as Thai incomes continue to fall or remain static, and business conditions remain dire. After all, we should think of others before ourself, right? Especially those bangkokian pseudo elites, who surely need the money. The emperor has no clothes. The political situation in Thailand remains as dire as ever imo, as the unemotive barometer of foreign capital & investment is telling us loud and clear. Absolutely nothing has been resolved, rather perpetuated.
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                        Originally posted by Mid View Post

                        Gee , who would of thougt that would be the case ?
                        Caught me by surprise - one would have thought they'd throw in some opposition to make it interesting and provide an alternative view . . .


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                          Prayut tells NRC to follow Defence Ministry proposals
                          October 11, 2014

                          Newly appointed members of the National Reform Council report to work at Parliament yesterday. A total of 163 members of the 250-strong NRC had done so as of yesterd

                          Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday told the National Reform Council (NRC) to use the proposals of the Defence Ministry as guidelines for national reforms.

                          The premier said during his weekly television programme last night that the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence had already gathered information and public opinions on 11 issues for reforms and sent them to the NRC.

                          The NRC members should consider the guidelines and decide which points they want to add or change, he said.

                          Responding to criticism that the NRC members were not competent for the task, he said the National Council for Peace and Order had provided all information.

                          "We have prepared and arranged the information with no instructions. We give them only the questions with no answers. They should come up with the answers themselves," he said.

                          NRC member Chai-Anan Samudavanija told The Nation yesterday that he had no desire to become NRC president as speculated.

                          He said he was interested in a post on the Constitution Drafting Committee and was ready to nominate himself for the position.

                          He believed the CDC would be able to work independently and not be dominated by the NCPO and the government.

                          "I don't think the government wants to control the game. If they really [want to] they would pick or draft their own charter. No need to appoint the drafting panel," he said.

                          Borwornsak Uwanno, secretary-general of the King Prachadipok Institute, said he would push for social reforms before political reforms and would propose his institute's study results to the NRC.

                          He said he disagreed with the idea of extending the working time of the NRC because they should follow the Provisional Constitution's timeframe.

                          As of yesterday, 163 NRC members had reported for work at Parliament.



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                            Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday told the National Reform Council (NRC) to use the proposals of the Defence Ministry as guidelines for national reforms.



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                              Audience cheers Prayuth speech on reforms
                              I think that Thai Media need a little lesson in English.

                              It was Jeers and not cheers from the audience.


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