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    I've retired but operated at six. I'm willing to share information on how to run (operate) a supercritical power plant.

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    Yea just made a snack while watching Fear factor Snaps.


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      If it were song it would sound like Johnny Cash. I can sing about it now that they screwed me off. ...Well I showed up Monday morning with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt, And the beer I had the night before wasn't bad so I had one more for dessert. Hit the bet about eleven and was up again by at the usual time of four. Washed my face, combed my hair and headed North to Port once more.
      Boss man didn't like it so he said It was time I hit the door to get the test and yes I was just over .04 (The contractual limit that's half what the cops would pin you for.) Now I'm done and feeling happy as years ago some asked why would you still be working here. I'd say it's just a bad habit you know like drinking beer. It was easy for me as I'm not really a lost man when it comes to operating power plants. In fact I am the only one I know of that has operated. ...Ok, the Cash tune..I've been every where man.

      Oak Creek Powerplant, Milwaukee County, Pleasant Prairie, start up of Elm Road Generation Station. The Valley plant on coal then gas. Then back to Elm Road Generation Station. A co-worker was crying he'd get bumped upon the conversion and he lived in Belgium Wi. Well north of Port. So I went back to Elm Road, no big deal. After the conversion I went back to the Miller Valley Plant and then up to Port Washington and then after two years I retired.

      From there I retired. Now I just rent out the house I picked up during the crash of 2010 and dividends. Not a bad deal. Now to hit the house in Laos this winter.


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        Ok,I'll sing for the cash, threw out all the I'll sing Johnee Cash.

        Cant spell for a lick but I'll do all the math quick.


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          I hope you all had a merry Christmas this 2022 season.
          I can't recall the last the last time I haven't worked through Christmas. I believe it was when I was operating the Vally power plant. I took off in November and didn't have to be back until late January early February.
          I'd have gone this winter but get this. ...My niebor of almost twenty years had me arrested for checking on him. Yea, I was in the axillary garage working on one of my bikes when I heard him pull up in his 4×4 truck.
          He usually tends his animals on the farm as soon as he gets home so, and I don't know why, maybe out of compassion I figured I check on the old goat.
          I walked to his house and knocked on the door with no response. I knocked louder and louder calling his name with no response.
          I honestly thought he was having medical issues. The door was unlocked so I entered calling his name through the kitchen, then living room.
          I was puzzled but just walked home, I didn't realize he was back in his barn but just left and walked home.
          . Thirty minutes later I was arrested for " criminal Trespassing!"
          I'm out now but looking at nine months and a 10k fine.
          This may be the best thing that has ever happened because now I'm determined to head south. Screw This state. I since hired a property appraiser. Yea, I went to school for it but haven't a license any more as my career path took me to a new dimension.
          He commented to my gf as she called him out the reason was that I play guitar and loud Beatles albums.
          It's bs because for the last 10 years I've stayed at my Northside house doing a twelve hour rotating shift for the local electric company.
          Big lesson learned, If my neighbor falls off his tractor ...... piss on his grave.


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            Lucky I got the cash.


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