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Isaan : 1AM Nightlife Curfew Killing Mor Lam

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  • Isaan : 1AM Nightlife Curfew Killing Mor Lam

    1AM Nightlife Curfew Killing Mor Lam, Musicians Plead For More Time
    Teeranai Charuvastra
    October 1, 2016

    Mor Lam petitioners on Friday perform a dance at the 23rd Army Circle base in Khon Kaen after submitting a request for a closing time exemption.

    KHON KAENmor lammor lammor lammor lamsMor Lam.

    After seizing power in May 2014, the junta has implemented a series of policies with the stated aim of restoring peace and order, including the enforcement of a 1am closing time for entertainment venues in many parts of the country.

    Although 1am closing time has been in the law since 2004, authorities rarely enforced it in many entertainment and red-light districts.

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      the junta are a bunch of sour old spoilsports, morlam and laukaw are the
      only reason these poor esarnites survive in their otherwise miserable existence.


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