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  • Originally posted by Boon Mee
    No shame either...
    You are a valor thief, habitual liar, tax cheat and welfare fraud...

    I'm genuinely surprised you can even spell "shame" (also because you are quite spectacularly stupid ).


    • Says a bloke who steals time off his employers by wasting away the working day posting insults online as well as chasing after young women on body building sites, Mr Tony the paragon of virtue (signalling)


        • New local Covid cases at 107, total 934

        The Public Health Ministry on Wednesday reported 107 new local cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), raising the total to 934 with deaths unchanged at four, blaming the spread mainly on partygoers.

        Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, spokesman of the ministry, said the new cases were divided into three groups.

        The first group comprised 27 people who were in contact with previous patients or attended the venues of previous patients. They included four people from boxing stadiums and an inter-provincial bus driver.

        Five others were from entertainment places - a visitor, a singer, a receptionist, a musician and an entertainment venue owner.

        Fourteen others had been in contact with previous patients, including a vendor, a student, a taxi driver, a prison inmate and a policeman. Four others had attended religious ceremonies in Malaysia and they lived in the southern provinces of Songkhla and Yala.

        The second group of 13 consisted of six returnees and foreigners - from Britain, France and Germany - five who were in crowded places or worked with foreigners, including a cashier, and two doctors who treated a patient who initially withheld the information that he had visited a boxing stadium.

        The doctors were in contact with 15 medical staff in operating rooms, and 10 other doctors who all had to be quarantined.

        The third group comprised 67 people whose cases were under investigation.

        Of the 934 patients, 70 had recovered and were discharged including the latest group of 13, while 860 remained at hospitals, four of them severely ill. The local death toll remained unchanged at four.

        “Partygoers transmitted the disease to about 100 other people… at risk people must obey social distancing, both at their workplaces and at home… Do not conceal your history of risky behaviour because health personnel could be infected and the health system drastically affected,” Dr Taweesin said.

        People who returned to their home provinces risked transmitting the disease to other people close to them. Local health officials and volunteers would contact them and advise them about self-isolation, he said.

        Dr Asadang Ruay-ajin, spokesman of the Disease Control Department, said Covid-19 had spread to most regions in the country and 25% of the transmissions were from people who went to boxing stadiums, and 10% each from people at entertainment places and other risk areas, and people with risky occupations.:

        Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
        Perhaps a blessing in disguise for the Golden Land.
        • Nine Thai airlines get the nod to ground flights during Covid-19 crisis

        The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has allowed nine airlines to halt their flights due to the Covid-19 situation, director-general Chula Sukmanop said on Tuesday (March 24).

        “The nine airlines that had submitted requests to temporarily halt their operations are: Thai Airways International, THAI Smile, Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, Thai AirAsia X, Thai Lion Air, Nok Air, Nok Scoot and Thai VietJet Air,” he said. “Most airlines want to cancel only some flights and some routes, so we have approved their requests accordingly.

        "However, they must have plans to compensate customers who have already bought their tickets and they must notify the customers of flight cancelations in advance.”

        Thai Lion Air had earlier announced that they would suspend all domestic and international flights between March 25 and April 30, while THAI Smile, Thai AirAsia and Bangkok Airways also announced that they would suspend all international flights from March 22 until further notice.

        THAI also announced on Tuesday that all TG flights to Europe will be suspended from April 1 to May 31, while regional flights (including Singapore) would be suspended from March 25 to May 31.

        The Ministry of Transport had earlier announced that airlines wishing to cancel their flights due to force majeure must compensate their customers by refunding the cost of tickets and other related fees. In case the customers had bought tickets with cash, the refund transaction must be completed within seven days of the customers submitting their request.:

        Originally posted by Boon Mee View Post
        it's been blown way out of proportion.
        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


        • Fines for hoarders, right.
          Are they gonna search every shoppers house they see with a full trolley?

          Feel sorry for those having to stockpile water

          Got sick of doing that months ago



            • Thailand - One death, 91 new cases, total 1,136

            The Public Health Ministry reported one more death from coronavirus on Friday, bringing fatalities to five, while 91 new cases were found in 52 provinces, raising the total to 1,136.

            Of the total, 1,034 were hospitalised, including 11 crtitical patients on respirators and 97 who were discharged, said Dr Anupong Suchariyakul, a specialist of the Disease Control Department. The one new death was a Thai man, 50, of Sungai Kolok district, Narathiwat.

            Of all recorded cases, 83% are Thais and 12% are foreigners.

            The 91 new cases fell into three groups. The first was 30 people in contact with previous patients or the places linked to them — a boxing stadium (5), an entertainment complex (7) and people in contact with the previous patients (18).

            The second group consists of 19 people — nine Thais and one foreigner who arrived from other countries and nine others who either lived or worked in crowded areas or places frequently visited by foreigners, including a bus driver, a waitress and four operators.:

            Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
            Perhaps a blessing in disguise for the Golden Land.
            • Two more Thais die from virus in US

            The coronavirus has killed two Thai nationals living in New York, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

            The Foreign Ministry said the Thai consulate general in New York had reported that a 50-year-old man working as a mechanic in Queens Borough he died on Wednesday.

            A man of the same age working as a chef at a Thai restaurant in northern Manhattan died on Thursday.:
            • U.S. has most cases in world after passing China

            The U.S. has more confirmed cases of the coronavirus than any country in the world, surpassing China, where the pandemic began. There are now more than 85,000 cases in America and nearly 1,300 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

            Almost 3.3 million people filed for unemployment last week as the virus shuttered businesses and halted normal life across large swaths of the country. The record-shattering number claims was nearly five times larger than the previous weekly record set in 1982.:

            Originally posted by Boon Mee View Post
            it's been blown way out of proportion.
            Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


            • You would have to be rather simple to believe the Chinese numbers and as for the Thai ones, not sure if we can still comment on them.


                • Thailand reports 143 new coronavirus cases, 1 death Sunday

                Thailand has 143 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases since the outbreak began to 1,388, the Centre for Covid-19 Administration said on Sunday.

                Taweesin Wisanuyothin, the spokesman for the centre and the Public Health Ministry, said the country also recorded one new fatality, bringing the total number of deaths to seven.

                The latest victim was a 68-year-old man from Nonthaburi who had attended a crowded boxing match at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium where there had been a cluster of infections, Dr Taweesin said.

                The match was held at the army-run stadium on March 6. About 2,500 people attended the event that day.

                The number of new cases was a significant jump from the 109 recorded on Saturday.

                Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who chairs the centre, was in talks with other officials at Government House to discuss additional measures as the number of new infections and deaths escalated.

                The government on Saturday said the increasing number of infections was due to people failing to practise social distancing.

                Twenty-two revellers at a drug party in Chiang Rai were arrested on Saturday for gathering in defiance of the nationwide Emergency Decree.

                Authorities have imposed a lockdown in the southern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, while authorities on the resort island of Phuket have asked people to stay home from 8pm to 3am in a new restriction on movement to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Phuket recorded six new cases on Saturday, four in the Patong area, and another six new cases on Sunday, all linked to Patong.:

                Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
                Perhaps a blessing in disguise for the Golden Land.
                • About 300 Thais stranded in Malaysia

                About 300 Thais were left stranded at the Wang Kelian immigration checkpoint in Malaysia's Perlis State on Saturday when they were denied entry to Thailand after failing to follow procedures set by Thai authorities.

                Thailand and Malaysia have closed their checkpoints along the common border to all but their own citizens to stem the Covid-19 spread. After the border was closed to foreigners, Satun governor Veeranan Pengchan issued Order 642/2020 to allow Thai nationals with certain documentation to return to Thailand via Wang Prachan immigration checkpoint in Satun. That checkpoint lies opposite Thailand's Wang Prachan checkpoint in Satun's Khuan Don district.

                To be eligible, the Thai nationals are required to contact the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur or a Thai consulate in Malaysia to get a letter of certification. The embassy or consulate must then notify the immigration checkpoint in Satun of their intention to return to the kingdom. The Thais are also required to show a health certificate issued no more than 72 hours previously.

                A group of between 250-300 Thais, most of them residents of Satun who worked as crew of Malaysian fishing boats but some of them tourists, began to converge at Wang Kelian checkpoint in Malaysia from about 9am on Saturday. They were denied entry by Thai immigration police at the Wang Prachan checkpoint because they failed to properly follow the procedures set out in the governor's order.

                At about 2pm on Saturday, a meeting was held between Thai and Malaysian authorities at the Wang Prachan checkpoint on the Thai side of the border. It was agreed that they would not be allowed to enter the country unless they fulfilled the requirements stated in the governor's order.:
                • Clipped wings

                Plenty of grounded aircraft can be seen at Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports after a steep fall in the number of flights due to the Covid-19 situation in Thailand and other countries worldwide.

                Thailand's total number of Covid-19 patients on Saturday (March 28) rose to 1,245 with 109 new cases, while total deaths were six.

                On Friday (March 27), Thai AirAsia announced that it would suspend its domestic service from April 1 to 30, while passengers can change their flights with no limit.

                Thai Airways International (THAI) had earlier announced that it was suspending flights to 30 world cities in March and eight European cities from April 1.

                The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has allowed nine airlines to halt flights due to the current situation.:

                Originally posted by Boon Mee View Post
                it's been blown way out of proportion.
                Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                • Business as usual outside Major Ractchayothin last night, fruit stalls and the wallets and shirts sellers, peasant busker lady playing that one string violin outside 7-11
                  Bloke with the temperature meter was sitting having a joke with the Grab drivers nearby, all maskless, looking at eachothers phones, as people just walked in.


                    • New virus infections among health personnel soar

                    The number of new infections among health personnel in Thailand has risen sharply amid calls for better protection for doctors, nurses and other staff on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus.

                    The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration on Sunday declared 143 new infections, bringing the total to 1,388. The number of new infected health personnel was eight, but further details were not disclosed.

                    The number of cases among health personnel previously stood at just 11 prior to the Sunday update.

                    Doctors, nurses and other staff are tending to a rapidly increasing number of patients even while essential items, including face masks, are in short supply as the virus spreads. One doctor spent his free time with other staff at a hospital sewing face masks.

                    Hospitals need not only donations of supplies but also moral support, the Medical Association of Thailand said in a Facebook message on Tuesday. Their lives, and those of family members, are at risk, it added.

                    The Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council has praised nurses and other health personnel working on the frontlines and called on them to take great care while on duty.

                    One of the most serious outbreaks among health personnel so far occurred at Bannang Sata Hospital in Bannang Sata district of Yala, where one doctor and two nurses were infected with Covid-19.

                    The infections were detected between March 22-25 and forced the hospital to temporarily scale down operations by receiving only serious cases, while other patients were sent to other hospitals nearby, according to the Public Health Ministry. All 21 staff at the hospital are being quarantined, it added without disclosing the location.

                    The hospital has been declared a dangerous communicable disease zone. All patients not exposed to the virus have been transferred to other hospitals, the less serious cases to Than To, Raman and Krong Pinang hospitals in the three neighbouring districts and patients in poorer health to Yala Hospital in Muang district.

                    Provincial public health chief Songkran Maichum said on Thursday the hospital in Bannang Sata could be fully reopened on Wednesday after it was sanitised.

                    Artists have sung praises for all health personnel, while Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul criticised them before apologising for his remark.

                    The United Nations on Friday called for better protection for health care workers and called for contributions from the public and private sectors to ensure sufficient protective equipment for them.

                    “The brave doctors, nurses, emergency first-responders and other medical professionals working on the frontlines of the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic are heroes. Their tireless work and self-sacrifice show the best of humanity," said Baskut Tuncak, UN Special Rapporteur on hazardous substances.

                    "They must be protected," he added.:

                    Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
                    Perhaps a blessing in disguise for the Golden Land.

                    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                      • New Covid-19 cases rise by 136 to 1,524 today

                      The total of Covid-19 patients in the country rose to 1,524 today with 136 new cases confirmed over the last 24 hours, said Dr Sukhum Karnchanapimai, permanent secretary of the Public Health Ministry, today (March 30).

                      As of March 30, the total number of confirmed cases in the country stood at 1,524 - 1,388 are under treatment, of whom 23 are in a critical condition , 127 have recovered and been discharged, and there have been nine deaths.
                      The areas under close watch for spread of the virus are Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Chonburi, Phuket, Krabi, Deep South provinces (Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla and Yala), Sa Kaeo, and Ubon Ratchathani province.

                      The 136 new confirmed cases reported today break down into: Bangkok 80 cases, Chiang Mai 9, Samui Prakarn 7, Phuket 6, Chonburi and Nakhon Sawan 3 each, Nontaburi and Nakhon Ratchasima 2 each, and one patient in Songkhla, Surat Thani, Surin, Buriram, Krabi, Uttaradit, Mae Hong Son, Khon Kaen, Suphan, and Lamphun while 14 have yet to be verified.

                      Dr Sukhum asked people to maintain a distance of at lease more than two metres form each other, otherwise the risk of infection is 67.8 per cent higher.

                      Globally, there are more than 700,000 confirmed cases in 199 countries and about 30,000 deaths.:

                      Originally posted by Boon Mee View Post
                      it's been blown way out of proportion.
                      • 27 Bangkok cops have Covid-19

                      As many as 27 Bangkok police officers have contracted Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, Bangkok’s police chief said on Monday.

                      Pol Lt Gen Pakkapong said 326 others were in quarantine pending test results.

                      The infected officers fell into two groups, he said: those who recently returned from a work tour in Spain, and those who visited two major transmission sites — the Lumpinee boxing arena and the Thong Lor entertainment complex.

                      One of the infected officers is the deputy traffic police chief of Taling Chan district and people close to him have already been quarantined, he added.

                      The Public Health Ministry is investigating how he caught the virus, but Pol Lt Gen Pakkapong insisted the deputy traffic chief had not contracted the disease from a Covid-19 screening point.

                      “Traffic police have not been deployed at the checkpoints,“ he said.

                      The total number of coronavirus cases in Thailand rose by 136 on Monday, with another two deaths.:

                      Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
                      Perhaps a blessing in disguise for the Golden Land.
                      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                      • Koontz is obviously well known and prolific.

                        Anyone here read him?
                        LWO Community strong!


                        • yeah, and anyone experienced immigration recently


                          • Originally posted by S Landreth View Post

                            a death rate update……

                            Today. Coronavirus Cases: 308,595 - Deaths: 13,069

                            World population: 7,800,000,000 – Projection: 330,330,044 (three hundred thirty million – three hundred thirty thousand – forty four) deaths

                            Another update

                            Coronavirus Cases: 759,321

                            Deaths: 36,437

                            World population 7,800,000,000. Projection: 374,293,085 (three hundred seventy four million - two hundred ninety three thousand – eighty five) deaths

                            Originally posted by Boon Mee View Post
                            it's been blown way out of proportion.

                            Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                              • April lockdown batters 30,000 hotels

                              Over 30,000 hotels are set to lose all revenue in April as the lockdown intensifies in provincial areas, while hoteliers in Phuket are bracing for the greatest losses.

                              Of the 32,564 hotels registered in Thailand, some 95% or 30,936 expect to have zero income next month when they temporarily stop operations, according to the Thai Hotels Association (THA).

                              Surapong Techaruvichit, an adviser to THA, said the number of hotel closures is growing every day as more provinces have imposed stricter lockdown policies. Phuket is the latest major tourism destination prohibiting people from free travel in and out of the area.

                              Mr Surapong said most hotels in provincial areas prefer a clear order from the authorities to close all hotels for the sake of employees, making them eligible for benefits from the Social Security Fund (SSF).

                              "THA had a discussion with the Labour Ministry last week, but failed to achieve the goal of protecting our workers," he said. "Operators in each province have to help themselves by urging their governors to officially approve the closure of hotels in order to get SSF payment for affected employees."

                              Mr Surapong said hotels are disappointed with regulations that are likely to leave 1.63 million workers in the hotel business stranded without any support despite making regular payments to the SSF, particularly the 978,252 employees making minimum wage.

                              He said THA is asking members to look after the welfare of workers, such as offering hotel rooms and meals for those who can't afford to pay for rental homes and food. But it is hard for operators to keep paying for employees as nobody knows how long the pandemic will last, said Mr Surapong.

                              "We strictly follow the rules by contributing 10% of salary to this fund, in which both employers and workers pay 5% equally. For example, a hotel with 550 staff have to contribute at least 700,000 baht every month. But during this tough time when we have no income, SSF cannot pay out to employees who need it the most," he said.

                              Some 87% of hotels in Phuket intend to temporarily close in April to comply with the one-month lockdown, said Kongsak Khoopongsakorn, president of THA's southern chapter.

                              Mr Kongsak said there are no tourists in the province at this point. It is possible the closure could extend beyond April if the outbreak remains uncontrollable.

                              Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, pre­si­- dent of the Phuket Tourist Association, said he agrees with the lockdown as the association suggested the measure to the governor since March 15. Moreover, the association also suggested to the governor yesterday an order to close hotels. Phuket has around 400 registered hotels.

                              He said most of the 3,000 foreign tourists now in Phuket are expected to leave before the airport is sealed under the full lockdown from April 10-30.

                              Centara Group announced it will close 28 hotels, 25 in Thailand and three overseas, for the entirety of April, while continuing to look after its employees.

                              The Tourism Council of Thailand proposed to the Tourism and Sports and Labour ministries to consider waiving monthly salary payment to the SSF for both employers and employees until the virus is contained.:

                              Originally posted by Somchai Boonporn View Post
                              Perhaps a blessing in disguise for the Golden Land.

                              Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                              • An example of how it might spread to you.
                                This is an excerpt from a piece about a town suffering after a funeral.

                                A big Southern funeral

                                Mitchell died suddenly. Emell Murray, Mitchell’s companion of 20 years, found him in the living room of their home on the morning of Feb. 24, said her daughter, Alice Bell. There was no autopsy, but it appeared to be natural causes, she said, possibly a heart attack.

                                “He had been up all night,” said Johnson, his sister. “When she woke up to get the baby ready for school, she found him face down on the floor.”

                                Dougherty County, dominated by cotton plantations in the 19th century, routinely ranks near the bottom of Georgia’s 159 counties in terms of most health outcomes, with high rates of diabetes and lung disease, and its first coronavirus cases did not stand out to doctors as something unusual.

                                The night of the funeral, a 67-year-old man who had come to Albany to attend was admitted to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, complaining of shortness of breath, Steiner said.

                                The man had chronic lung disease, and no history of travel that would suggest exposure to the coronavirus, and he was not put in isolation, Steiner said. Staff members figured that he had just run out of oxygen.

                                The man spent the next week in the hospital, attended by at least 50 employees, then was transferred on March 7 back to the Atlanta area, where he was tested for the coronavirus. Not until March 10 did the Albany hospital learn he had tested positive, Steiner said. He died on March 12, the state’s first coronavirus death.

                                By then, the infection was quietly spreading through town. Mitchell’s longtime companion, Murray, 75, found herself wracked with chills and fever, Bell, her daughter, said. She was told she had a urinary tract infection and admitted to an ordinary ward, where she was visited by three of her sisters, Bell said. All three have since become sick with the coronavirus, she said. One of them has died.

                                ‘It hit like a bomb’

                                On March 10, word reached Albany that the Phoebe Putney patient had tested positive for the virus. A few days of relative quiet followed, and then, in the words of Fowler, the coroner, “it hit like a bomb.”

                                “Some of them might have went to the funeral,” Fowler said. “Some may have been family members of people at the funeral. Every day after that, someone was dying.”