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Drunk Aggressive Security Guard at the MAll Korat

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  • Drunk Aggressive Security Guard at the MAll Korat

    Today was a real treat {sarcasm} at the Mall in Korat. I took the wife and daughters shopping, stocked up on cheese, bread, steaks and other farang tasties from the Fresh Mart grocery there. Normally we take the car, but today We decided to grab a tuktuk as to avoid the Sunday car park debacle!

    The girls caught a movie and the wifie and I met them on the 3rd floor with out shopping bags. We went down to the 2nd floor and exited at the overhead walk to go to the other side of Mitrapab Road when suddenly a drunk Mall security guard jumped out and blocked my wife from crossing the bridge. He aggressively tried to grab our grocery bags all the well demanding a receipt. My wife jerked her bags back told him him Mao mak followed with a Pai Klai klai and then continued on. He tried to pursue but I body blocked him.

    He was so drunk he was falling over.

    The wife rang the Mall and they said they wee going to send a supervisor to sort things out. We were already on the tuktuk headed home, so who knows if that is true. We will have to see if he is working next trip!
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    The Mall called my wife back that afternoon and said that they had talked to the drunk guard, got him some coffee to sober up and told him to correct his behavior.

    We were there today and he was at his post. We are not sure if he was drunk again, but he was giggling and leering at every young girl that walked by. He was not just checking girls out but had the rapist look about him


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      In any civilized country, he would have been dismissed on the spot and given his last check if he was lucky. If he was unlucky, the cops would have been called and he would have been hauled off for public drunkenness.


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        A drunk security guard in Thailand? I think their QM issues them a uniform, whistle, baton and a bottle of lao kao when they get hired.


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          Thai sa-queer-ity guards. If they are not drunk they are sleeping. If they are not sleeping they are eating. If they are not eating they are blowing their whistle for no apparent reason.


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