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Does anyone actually like Pattaya?

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  • Yea, and the Woohan flew never took off from a bio lab there.


    • Locally spread?


      • I'll eat the vegimite before I buy into that load of bs.


        • Vegimite, the spread of champions.


          • Hey teacher guess what, no testie no failie.


            • This isn’t good news…..

              Pattaya’s homeless population seeks refuge in abandoned bars

              Despite the easing of nearly all restrictions imposed to suppress the Covid-19 virus, Thailand’s people are still very much feeling the lingering effect of the shutdown. An ongoing ban on nearly all international arrivals has crippled the tourism industry, meaning many nightlife venues in places like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket remain shut. A report in The Pattaya News shows the full extent of the economic toll in Pattaya, where unemployed and homeless people are being forced to take refuge in abandoned beer bar complexes, mostly in the Soi Buakhao area of ​​the city.

              While some people were struggling financially prior to the Covid crisis, many others find themselves newly unemployed and with nowhere to live. One man says he worked in construction until being let go when the lock-down happened. He has now been living in an abandoned bar complex for 2 months, doing odd jobs here and there, and surviving on food handouts.

              Another woman says she used to work as a “mamasan”, but the forced closure of the city’s bars left her broke and homeless. She too is living in an abandoned bar while she tries to find another job. Another man says he was already struggling with drug and money problems prior to the arrival of Covid-19, and was sleeping on the beach until it was closed off.

              According to the Pattaya News report, all those spoken to hope the government can somehow balance controlling the virus with re-starting the economy, adding that while they hope tourists are allowed to return, everyone should have to be tested before being admitted to the country. Thailand has now gone more than 50 days with no locally transmitted case of Covid-19.:

              Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


              • good and bad news…….

                Tourists are back; so are Pattaya’s jet-ski scammers

                Domestic tourists have returned to Pattaya and so have the scammers.

                Pattaya police said there has been a surge of complaints from vehicle and jet-ski renters complaining they were being extorted for huge sums by owners who claimed the customers damaged them.

                Pol. Lt. Col. Adisorn Kongkoy and Pol. Lt. Thongin Panyanam led a team of officers to Koh Larn, the location of most complaints, July 13 to warn operators against trying to cheat tourists.

                Since reopening, Koh Larn has been attracting 2,000-3,000 visitors a day on weekdays, 4,000-5,000 on weekends and up to 10,000 a day on holidays.

                Pattaya has a long history of jet ski scammers claiming fake damage to their boats and demanding huge payments to cover damages. The scams are not restricted to foreign tourists, as the recent police complaints show.

                Police try to mediate on Koh Larn, but if the disagreement persists, both parties are sent to Pattaya Police Station on the mainland, wasting everyone’s time and money, Adisorn said.

                He reminded the vehicle and boat renters that mere weeks ago, they were unemployed and not to shoot the golden geese that have flown back to Pattaya. :

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                • Alcazar transgender cabaret returns to Pattaya stage

                  Pattaya’s famed Alcazar transgender cabaret show is back with an all-new look for Thai tourists.

                  General Manager Pawin Petchtrakul opened the first show since March at the Alcazar Theatre July 23.

                  The transgender performers were all smiles as they took the stage again in their flamboyant costumes after months of selling food, working in markets or living off savings to get by.

                  Pawin noted that Alcazars has won the “Safety and Healthy Administration” certification from the Public Health Ministry, giving guests a sense of security about their safety while in the theater.

                  Alcazar has relaunched with 50 percent promotional discounts, taking ticket prices down to 500 baht. Shows run daily at 5 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.: - -

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                  • Pattaya will always be a toilet.



                    • Pattaya, East Thailand buzz with holiday tourists

                      Another holiday weekend has brought another rush of Thai tourists to Pattaya and the East.

                      Large crowds were reported in Koh Chang, Koh Samet and Koh Larn in Pattaya. Piers buzzed with activity as domestic tourists waited for ferries and buses. Hotel occupancy in some places reached 90 percent.

                      About 250 travelers waited for the first ferries of the day from Laem Sok Pier in Trat’sAoYai Subdistrict to Koh Kood. Three additional boats were brought in Saturday afternoon to handle the crowds.

                      At the Koh Chang ferry pier, more than 1,000 cars cars waited to board the boat to Koh Chang resulting in traffic jams stretching mor than 600 meters.

                      Koh Samet saw about 1,600 people arrive on Saturday. At Nuanthip Pier in Rayong, tourists stood in the rain to buy tickets early. All ferry passengers had their temperatures checked and boats were limited to maintain social distancing.

                      SarinthpTubmongkol, president of the Koh Samet Tourism Association, 1,600 people checked in using the government’s Thai Chana contact-tracing application.

                      The number of visitors was lower than hoped, she said, noting usually about 2,700 people would come to the national park on holidays.

                      In Pattaya, the beaches and markets buzzed with Thai visitors. Large hotels with beach views touted occupancy rates of 80-90 percent with beaches filled with people relaxing or swimming. Family groups sat on mats feasting on fresh grilled seafood.

                      Across the bay on Koh Larn, ferries deposited large groups of people there to enjoy the beach and engage in water sports.:

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                      • Patters.
                        I'll pass, thanks....


                        • Weekends better, weekdays awful, Pattaya hotel execs say

                          The government’s subsidized-tourism campaigns are helping on weekends and holidays, but weekdays remain a financial black hole, Pattaya hotel operators say.

                          A panel of local hospitality industry related their experiences at the Thai Hotels Association Eastern Chapter’s July 30 meeting at the Cape Dara Resort. The stories played out much the same way: Business on weekends is recovering, but weekdays both rates and occupancy levels are too low and expenses too high.

                          THA (EC) President Phisut Sae-khu said three ongoing government campaigns – Pattaya Hot Deal, We Travel Together and Thank You to Healthcare Workers – all have pushed weekend bookings up throughout July, especially on the month’s two long holidays.

                          But Thanet Supornsahatrangsi of the Chonburi Tourism Council, said weekday rates are running at 10-20 percent of normal levels yet rooms remain empty. As a result, many hotels have not reopened or are not open on weekdays.

                          Without foreign tourists, he said, the hotel industry cannot sustain itself on just weekend business.

                          Sanphet Suphabuansathien, advisor to the THA (EC) noted that the Anchaleewiwat Group, which runs Pattaya hotels The Zign and Long Beach Garden, among others, has reopened their properties, but only about half the rooms at each hotel.

                          That has generated some income to support struggling employees, but, unless the government moves forward to create “travel bubbles” with countries that have had similar success to Thailand in controlling the coronavirus, the hotel industry’s long-term prospects are dire, he said.

                          Phisut reiterated comments he made at the group’s annual general meeting earlier in the month that a wide range of government assistance is needed before year-end to keep the hospitality industry afloat. The alternative is for foreign buyers to scoop up Thai properties on the cheap, costing tens of thousands of Thai jobs.

                          Thitipat Siranatsrikul, president of the Chonburi Attractions Association, also repeated her remarks from that meeting that not all area tourist spots have reopened yet because of slow business and a lack of staff.

                          The tourism executives noted that Pattaya had a number of events on its calendar for the final four months of the year, but few have been discussed since before the pandemic lockdown. One event that is still on – the Ganesh Chaturth Festival – hopefully will bring visitors to Pattaya Aug. 15-24, they said.:

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                          • Pattaya residents clean Jomtien Beach for Mother’s Day

                            More than 350 people collected garbage on Jomtien Beach to honor HM Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother for her birthday.

                            Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad kicked off the Aug. 11 cleanup by beach masseuses, boat operators, community leaders and volunteers.

                            They spread out along seven kilometers of beachfront collecting litter and natural debris to restore the shoreline environment.

                            Festivities continued Aug. 12, Mother’s Day, in Banglamung as District Chief Amnart Charoensri presided over the blessing ceremony for the Queen Mother attended by Pattaya residents and public officials.:

                            Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                            • I like the quiet pristine beaches, balmy weather & family activities Pattaya offers...


                              • Pattaya to host Diwali Festival Nov. 13-14

                                Pattaya plans to host its first Indian New Year festival to attract expats from the subcontinent to Pattaya in November.

                                With the odds of Indian tourists returning to Thailand slim-to-none, the Nov. 13-14 Diwali Festival is aimed at Indian-Thais and expats, offering exhibition booths and beach activities to stimulate tourism, Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh said.

                                Diwali, the festival of lights, is a religious observance commemorated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and some Buddhists around the world.

                                Every autumn, the observance sees millions of people attend firework displays, prayer services and festive events in celebration of the occasion.

                                While Diwali holds significance for a variety of reasons, one of the core themes of the festival, as symbolised by the prevalence lights, is the triumph of good over evil.

                                Diwali, is one of the most significant for most Indians, can trace its origins back to ancient times when the end of the summer harvest season was celebrated with much pomp and splendour.

                                It signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil and sees millions of lamps lit at homes, temples, shops and public buildings across the world,”

                                Another main theme of Diwali is the recollection of a legend called Ramayana, which details how the Hindu god Rama returned to his kingdom with his wife, Sita, and his brother Lakshman after several years of exile.

                                To illuminate the path through which they return and in order to guide them home, diyas (clay lamps) are lit everywhere and the world is bathed in golden hues of light,”

                                Diwali also coincides with the Sikh celebration of Bandi Chhor Divas, a religious holiday that commemorates the release of Sikh Guru Hargobind Ji from the Gwalior Fort in India in the 17th century.

                                The Guru, who was imprisoned by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, was standing against the emperor’s regime’s oppression of the Indian people

                                Loosely translated, Bandi Chhor means ‘release of incarcerated people’. So, to Sikhs, the festival represents freedom.:

                                Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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