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Does anyone actually like Pattaya?

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  • Still partying?
    • 13 foreigners among those arrested at Pattaya pool party

    The seaside resort town has been under near-total lockdown since April 9, a situation expected to continue until at least April 30. Non-residents with no workplace in the city are banned from entering at this stage.

    Acting on a tip, officers raided the resort, long known for its pool parties during better times, and found the foreigners drinking, socialising and gathering contrary to the current terms of the Emergency Decree meant to curb the spread of Covid-19.

    Some hotels have been allowed to remain open if they have current guests, but according to police the majority of those arrested were not guests at the hotel and appeared to be just punters drinking and socialising.

    Police have not released names at this stage but did stress that those arrested would face significant legal penalties and anyone violating the Emergency Decree by drinking, socialising and partying in groups, however small, would share their fate.

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    • I was in Patters in mid-January.

      It was OK.

      Ate those Turkish Kebabs and hit the go-gos for happy hours. About 30% of customers were wearing masks as the virus was just kicking off.

      Spent time at the big mall (Village Center?) reading my kindle and drinking coffee.

      It was more fun in my youth.

      Other parts of LOS are more interesting.
      LWO Community strong!


      • Pattaya City Entertainment venue owners meet to discuss suggestions for Covid19 safety measures for potential reopening

        They also discussed measures to be taken around landlords who refused to adjust or discount rent during the current mandatory period of closure due to the threat of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Several items, like delays on sign taxes and certain license fees, were also discussed to be temporarily waived or postponed to help business owners.

        The meeting was also attended by several city hall and Pattaya Police station representatives who will also help pass on suggestions and develop guidelines.

        Entertainment venues remain closed until further announcements from the national government, however, the CCSA, or Covid19 Coronavirus Situation Administration, is beginning to gather ideas on how entertainment venues could be safely opened. They are not only getting ideas from business owners but also looking at countries like South Korea and parts of China who have already reopened their nightlife industries.

        Ms. Ampon Kaewsang from the Pattaya Police Station said a group will be put together of the major business owners in the area to help support each other and future meetings will be scheduled in which they would like as many local nightlife and bar owners as possible to attend to help reach some consensus on Pattaya specific ideas for reopening venues. These ideas will be forwarded to the National Government.

        Some of the ideas mentioned are mandatory mask wearing in all entertainment venues, limiting numbers of patrons, spacing out tables in nightclubs to allow more space, temperature checks at every venue, sanitizer at every table, bar staff wearing gloves and face shields who handle money and drinks, limiting parties and promotions or special events for the initial opening, creating health checkpoints for major entertainment areas like walking street, requiring IDs and passports of all guests and keeping a log for potential contact tracing if a case of Covid-19 is found and other various suggestions.

        It is important to note at this point none of these suggestions are official and will require further meetings and discussion. Additionally, no entertainment venues of any size can open until the CCSA approves, which is not expected to be for several more weeks.:
        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


        • Sums up why Thailand is the most retarded country on the planet - 30 odd people sitting in close proximity to discuss social distancing while getting the cash flowing again.


          • Really? I think Thailand's response makes the US look distinctly 3rd world.


            • Both responses are valid. That picture reminds me of the social distancing at atms. Marked queue 2 meters apart. Atms right next to each other.
              I visited TC a few times as a guest but had to stop. It is a sickening place. - Aging One


              • Pattaya blocks all access to beaches to avoid second wave

                In a move to prevent a second wave of infections, Pattaya City has decided to block all access to beaches despite the easing of restrictions.

                Jeerawat Sukontasub, chief of the Pattaya Municipality, said municipal authorities and local agencies have blocked nine beach entrances, including the two leading to the 2-kilometre-long Pattaya Beach. Access to Jomtien, Phra Tamnak, Cozy, Wong Amat and Krating Rai beaches as well as Lan Pho Nakluea Park and the Bali Hai Pier has been blocked.

                The areas will be strictly closed off from May 9 to 31 from 9am to 9pm daily and officers will be on standby to keep an eye. Violators will be let off with a warning the first time, but repeat offenders will face a heavy penalty.:

                Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                • A'hh, a return to Thai logic. I was getting worried.


                  • Oh man, dunno whether to laugh or cry.

                    Are the arab boy racers still annoying everyone at 3am?


                      • Pattaya City Mayor and other officials inspect beaches, will remain strictly closed for now

                      The Pattaya City Mayor, Sonthaya Khunpluem, accompanied by other city officials and law enforcement inspected several Pattaya City beaches this weekend to ensure the current closure order from himself and the Chonburi government was being followed appropriately.

                      All beaches in Chonburi remain closed, as we have previously covered, at the order of the Chonburi Communicable Disease Committee.

                      The Mayor stated he was very pleased with the visit overall and that the dozens of law enforcement officers and volunteers on area beaches were doing a great job ensuring that people stayed off the beach.

                      The Mayor noted that the sidewalks and roads along the beach were open for exercise but not for gathering, socializing, sitting, drinking, loitering, eating, etc. Law Enforcement officers were making sure the rules were followed here and were stopping people from sitting and gathering.

                      Mayor Sonthaya stated to The Pattaya News that he understood the decision to keep beaches closed was not a well-received one, but was critical as the surrounding areas, especially Bangkok, were not yet clear of Covid-19 cases for at least several weeks.

                      The decision to keep beaches strictly closed was primarily out of concern for people using them as gathering and meeting points with nearly every normal gathering place, like bars and entertainment, closed. Additionally, Chonburi officials were concerned about people traveling from other provinces to visit Pattaya and possibly crowd the beaches.

                      The Mayor noted that law enforcement had done admirably during the current period.:
                      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                        • Pattaya hoteliers allege 40% kickbacks

                        Demands reportedly made by people claiming they could ensure properties would be chosen as quarantine centres

                        Pattaya hoteliers claim a group of people have demanded kickbacks from them if they want their facilities to be chosen as state quarantine centres.

                        They have urged the government to look into the issue, but officials were quick to deny any involvement by state authorities.

                        Dr Panprapa Yongtrakul, assistant spokeswoman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, said during its Saturday briefing that the centre had never sent anyone to coordinate and demand “change” for turning a place into a state quanrantine facility.

                        Manager Online reported on Friday that a number of people have been approaching hotel operators in the beach town, offering to ensure their properties are chosen for state quarantine if they pay them up to 40% of what the hotels will receive from the government.

                        The government pays participating hotels 1,000 baht per person per day for hosting people serving 14-day quarantine periods. To date, around 80,000 Thais who have returned home from abroad have been placed in quarantine facilities nationwide as a precaution against the spread of coronavirus disease.

                        State agencies choose quarantine sites based on a set of criteria that include hotel licences, more than 200 non-carpeted rooms, and separate air-conditioners for each room.

                        There are several hotels that meet the criteria in Pattaya, where about 10,000 rooms have been used for the purpose.

                        Since all hotels have been temporarily closed by government order, operators are eager to make any kind of deal that could earn them some money.

                        Thanate Supornsahatrangsi, acting president of the Chon Buri chapter of the Tourism Council of Thailand, said a number of hoteliers in Pattaya are reluctant to pursue the deal.

                        “Although they will be paid 1,000 baht per person per day for 14 days, costs of meals are included, not to mention staff and utility costs,” he said.

                        “Besides, accepting the deal will disqualify their employees from social security benefits.”

                        He was referring to compensation their employees would receive from the Social Security Fund, which would end if they are re-employed, even for 14 days.

                        The chapter sent a list of 20 hotels willing to turn their facilities into state quarantine centres but they have not even been inspected by authorities, he said.

                        Instead, Thai returnees were sent to other hotels and he had no idea whether they met the criteria.

                        “Importantly, a group of people claiming to come from unidentified state agencies have approached us, saying they could make our hotels state quarantine places and we would get 1,000 baht per person per day. The catch? We’ll have to pay them an ‘operation fee’ of 40%,” he said.

                        Mr Thanate claimed all hotels run by his family had turned down the offer since he thought that with the kickback, it was not worthwhile.

                        Ekkasit Ngampichet, chairman of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA), confirmed the kickback demand at rates between 30% and 40%.

                        “Even if a hotel does not meet the criteria, these people promised they could coordinate to make it happen. So it’s possible this is teamwork,” he said.

                        PBTA adviser Sanphet Supaborwornsathien confirmed several operators of large and mid-sized hotels had been approached but many had turned down the offer since they viewed it was not worth it to reopen their hotels.:

                        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                        • Pattaya beaches, Koh Lan reopen from Monday

                          Lounge chairs and umbrellas will return but with strict distancing

                          PATTAYA: Pattaya will reopen its beaches and the popular offshore destination of Koh Lan from Monday as it eases its lockdown in line with the decline in local coronavirus infections nationwide.

                          Beachgoers in the resort city in Chon Buri will be able to rent lounge chairs and umbrellas but operators must enforce distancing measures by keeping them at least one metre apart, Mayor Sonthaya Khunplome said on Friday.

                          The beaches will be closed from Tuesday to Thursday in the second or third weeks of the month, instead of every Wednesday before the lockdown, for clean-up, he added.

                          The reopening includes beaches in neighbouring Jomtien.

                          The city also posted a Facebook message announcing the reopening on Monday of Koh Lan, an island popular with day-trippers. However, accommodation providers on the island will not be allowed to open yet.

                          The city sealed off all beaches from visitors and local residents on May 9 as part of its effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Koh Lan had been off-limits since March 25.

                          Chon Buri has reported no new Covid-19 cases since May 23, and only 15 since the start of the month. Since the first case was reported on Feb 24, the province has had 87 patients, 41 of them in Bang Lamung district where Pattaya is located.:

                          Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                            • Pattaya firms unsure partial opening will reel in visitors/Pattaya beaches are now open to tourists, but the business community is sceptical that it will revive the tourism industry when other related businesses remain closed.

                              A tourist relaxes on a beach in Pattaya after the resort city reopens all beaches for visitors on Monday.

                              Ekkasit Ngamphichet, president of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association, said entertainment venues, fun activities and nightlife are part of the tourism sector in Pattaya and he is unsure if visitors will be lured back when Pattaya is not "fully" open.

                              He said 45% of visitors to the resort town are Thais who usually spend a night or two at the weekend, adding hoteliers are in for hard times if they fail to attract Thai tourists, as it will be months before foreigners return.

                              Mr Ekkasit said a big push from the government is needed to boost the local tourism market, which is valued at 100 billion baht annually.

                              He said the 8 billion baht pledged by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to stimulate the sector is a drop in the bucket.

                              "We agree with the proposal that state agencies and local organisations arrange seminars and training in the provinces to boost local economies," said Mr Ekkasit.

                              "As for Thai tourists, a few enjoy the sun and sand, but most prefer other entertainment activities. So opening the beaches is like putting up a sign telling people tourism in Pattaya is coming," he said.

                              A survey by the Bangkok Post along stretches of beaches in Pattaya found scant activity. Income-generating jet skis and banana boats had disappeared. With tourists mostly gone, the only visitors are Thais and long-stay foreigners or those who did not leave prior to the lockdown.:
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                            • Pattaya officially kicks off ‘Hot Deal’ tourism promo

                              Pattaya city and tourism officials officially kicked off the government’s “Hot Deal” campaign to revive domestic tourism.

                              Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and TAT Pattaya office Director Pinnart Charoenpol announce the beginning of the government’s “Hot Deal” campaign to revive domestic tourism.

                              Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome and Tourism Authority of Thailand Pattaya office Director Pinnart Charoenpol were joined by Chonburi administrators and business leaders at Central Festival Pattaya Beach for the June 25 kickoff.

                              Hot Deal offers discounts of up to 50 percent off Pattaya hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants and spas. Sonthaya said 100 area businesses are participating.

                              Discount vouchers can be purchased via online retailer Shopee from July 1 to Sept. 15 and can be redeemed between July 15 and Dec. 31.

                              Good luck:

                              Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


                              • Pattaya Beach installs billboards detailing rules during the Covid-19 era

                                Earlier this month the Pattaya City Administration installed multiple bilingual billboards on Pattaya beach which detail rules during the “Covid-19 Coronavirus” era.

                                The above rules can be seen in the photo, however, we will highlight and “Cliff Notes” the rules here:

                                1. Face masks must be worn at all times except for eating and swimming.

                                2. No consumption of alcohol anywhere on the beach.

                                3. Groups must have no more than six people and must be three meters apart.

                                4. Beach beds and rental chairs must be spaced out with physical distancing in mind and sanitized regularly by staff.

                                5. The Thai chana platform for Covid-19 tracing must be used at all beach bed and chair rental services. This is a mobile phone platform for checking in and out, Chana is the thai word for victory.

                                6. Beach vendors must not sell alcohol and police should be called if people refuse to follow the rules either drinking or selling.

                                7. The major Pattaya area beaches EXCEPT Pattaya Beach and Wongamat umbrella and beach chair rental areas are closed on the second Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every month. The beach is open, only these areas are closed for cleaning of the sand by the city overnight.

                                7a. Wongamat and Pattaya beach chair rental closures are the third week of every month, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

                                7b. Koh Larn beach chair rental closures is every Wednesday.

                                8. Hours of the beach umbrella chairs and rentals are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

                                9. Beach chairs may not charge any more than 50 baht a piece and beach beds may not be any more than 100 baht a piece for rental. Complaints should be directed to the city call center at 1337.

                                Thailand has not recorded a single, confirmed locally spread case of Covid-19 in 48 days as of press time.:

                                Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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